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You CAN be John Titor.

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First of all... Greetings.

I stopped to think about it when suddenly, while I was reading Titor's posts I thought: "I want to travel in time and make this happen.", because I stop to think, if Titor is really real, he is an ordinary person very hardworking( or a genius dedicated to a specific topic) which because of his posts and the butterfly effect has DRASTICLY changed this timeline AND the scientific community. The possibility that you or I are Titor is greater than 20 percent, enough to be frightening in the eyes of a scientist (who risk betting even on odds close to 0).

Now... Think with me, if you totally dedicate yourself to your research, lie on some factors, alter some events, speak the truth, but have it altered because of the divergence in the timeline, like the "past" you would you react? What if he wanted to look up to you? What if he BECAME yourself? It's a huge possibility, because in science, any percentage that isn't zero... is enough to change the future!


[i apologize for any mistakes in my English, as I translated this on Google Translate (Since I'm not that good at English), but theoretically, you can understand my message regardless. Thanks in advance.]

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