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I found out the Limitations of Light 😰


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Well, if asked what is the fastest thing in universe. Most of them will say speed of light. Which indeed is the fastest speed humans know. What if i told you there are 5 different ways in which you could defeat it .




1. Object at Rest

2. Vacuum as an exception

3. Expansion of universe

4. Teleportation of Quantum Information through Quantum Entanglement

5 . Manipulation of Lights speed




1. Object at rest



This means you have covered some distance in a certain time. This creates some movement in both space dimension and time dimension. According to Einsteins time-dilation concept maximum speed is constant. This means faster you move slower the time and slower you move ( or don't move) faster the time. Taking you to the fastest time when not moving.

Lets Understand using a SPACE v TIME Graph



Now suppose you are at rest but the time has not stopped . There now will be a horizontal line on the y axis .

So in maths horizontal line in graph is UNDEFINED and Distance covered is 0



speed= Undefined




Therefore our speed is UNDEFINED which means probably faster than light.








2. Vacuum as an exception

For anything to reach the speed of light the particles should be massless which is kind of IMPOSSIBLE.

For Example,

The speed of light is 299,792,458 m/s

So even if you accelerate a proton in a Large Hydron Collider ( LHC) it will reach a speed of 299,792,455 m/s.

Still being 3 m/s slower.


But.... The exception is vacuum. We got pranked by Einstein who had just given us half the information. What if light is travelled through a denser medium, the role will collapse. Like water, air, glass or acrylic. Light will fail badly.


For Example :

The harmful charged particles in nuclear power plants. The power plant is surrounded by water, so that the charged particle collide with water and the speed decreases down.This releases blue color slowing the charge particles. This is called Cherenkow Light Radiation

Most Interesting part:

The charged particles are faster than the blue-light radiation and the blue light just follows it like a fire after the rocket in a cone shape. Moreover the speed of light is 225,000,000 ms only . The charged particles ( Highly charged ) are literally faster than them.


A diagram so you can understand.




3. Expansion of Universe

The universe which was made 13.7 billion years ago is approx 19.4 billion light years in width . 7 Time bigger and faster than light. If according to Einstein nothing can no travel faster than light.

This basically happens due to expansion of space between celestial objects.


For example :

A bread with fruit jellies

Now suppose the bread is the space between celestial objects and the jellies are clestial objects( Galaxies, black wholes, stars etc )

As you bake the breads the bread will puff up not the jellies , this means jellies is are in its place but the distance between them is expanding.



The celestial objects aren't moving nut the space between them is expanding.





4. Teleportation of Quantum Information through Quantum Entanglement


According to Einstein. They are some types of atom in universe , Inspite of having infinite distance, they are so closely related that if you make a change in one particle the effect will change the second particle too. Like a Fax Machine


Example :

Particle A should be entangled or connected to particle B . Now you have to insert every atomic particle in Particle A. Now the quantum information processes faster than light and effects and prints in Particle B, changing it too. This will make you travel faster.


Limitations -

If you want to teleport a human you will have to copy every information of every atom of human to quantum Entangle. If there is a even little mistake your existence will disappear, just like Thanos' snap.




5. Manipulation of light speeds ( Man-Made)



1. The Wrap Drive Engine

What if we contract the region of space time ahead of the space ship and expand the backwards region we can travel faster than light. And this doesn't even manipulate Einsteins special theory of relativity.



We will need a giant planet like Jupiter to contract and expand according to our basis.





2. Nasa's Hellical Engine

Well if we accelarate a object in box filled with vacuum. The object will collide with the ends of box and the object will move.


What if we accelarate it with light speed?


If we accelerate it with light speed it will become infinitely heavy and will collide to boxes end with high mass. As pr Newtons law the force will push the box in opposite direction. But after the mass has collided it will return its speed and it will will return to its orignal mass and will not be able to push it backwards but the light will push it forward again and will continue so on.



What if it collides to an object

No communication because we will be faster then radioactive radiations speed so how will we communicate of any danger






This thread is researched and written

If anyone finds mistake you can freely correct it.



LostEnergy007 ( Earlier named as PhysicsGuy007 )

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Ok fine.

I have found the limits of light speed and how can we travel faster than it

OFC there will be some limitations


I will be sharing as soon as my computer is repaired as the article is too long to write


I look forward to seeing this theory being published in "Physical Letters A" and up on arXiv.org.

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The exception is vacuum. We got pranked by Einstein who had just given us half the information. What if light is travelled through a denser medium, the role will collapse. Like water, air, glass or acrylic. Light will fail badly.

What do you mean by "light will fail badly"? We fully understand the refraction index of materials and how light passing through them reacts to such media. It's not the exception, it is the norm here on earth. The areas of physics covering the topic are quantum optics and and Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). Einstein didn't "prank" anyone, certainly not other physicists. Feynman's Nobel was for QED.




Feynman - Origin of the Refractive Index


Feynman _ Principle of Least Time


I chose Richard Feynman because he tended to be the easiest for non-physicists to understand. Aside from being a superior physicist he was also considered the gold standard for university class lectures and public speaking.

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