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Learn the concept of time travelling


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Hello friends,

This is the forum where you can share all the concepts of time travelling.

About how time travelling be done?

About timelines

About divergence

About parallel universe

So that everyone who come on this forum, will understand the full concept of time travelling.

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First of all

let me clear this

Time is not a medium which can be travelled

We are basically travelling from one universe to other universe which basically has the similar timeline and frequency just the time is slower due to its position in the universe

My advice, please stop trying to debunk time travel. It very well may be quite possible to travel through time. It's just that most of us here on Earth don't know how to do it yet. Please keep an open mind.

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Using some complex mathematical calculations we can bend the space time fabric in such a way which leads us to our own past.

Time exists it is the 4th dimension so when we travel through time there will we no change in our coordinates or position

Our position will just change in time!

We can use a high concentrated energy instead of mass for bending space time fabric!

Energy is all around us what we need is just to concentrate it on a single point!

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