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Question about Dreams


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Every night we all go into a dream. So my question is that

Is the dream are related to our life in other universe?(parallel universe) 

Because we can feel that dream like a real life(fully conscious in lucid dream). 

Tell me... 


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I've wondered that also, one of those "every possible thing is happening simultaneously throughout the multiverse" concepts, and something about entering the dream state allows you to pierce the membrane and access those other planes of reality.


I've had weird dreams that seem to show me the future once in a while:

I'm not sure if that could be considered viewing an alternate reality, but maybe one where time is just a little behind ours. 


What sort of dreams have you had to cause you to wonder about this?

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I has a dream about my village living with my grandfather and grandmother. And after one day of that dream, My mother said me to go to village to my grandfather. And I went to village. 

This compels me to think about connection of dreams to parallel universes. 


In my opinion, whatever you are dreaming, is happening to your self in another universe. You can also relate this to MANDELA Effect on which new memories are created magically and the things which people remember are never happened really.


Why we never see a clock in a dream and why time passes very quickly during dreams? 


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Hmm... I don't recall seeing a clock in any of my dreams either. It definitely happens though, there's been some studies on things like that:





Overall, 0.74% of the dreams included some type of clock or watch. The average word count of these 92 dreams was 191.77 ± 79.37 words. If the clock/watch in the dream was specified, watches and alarm clocks occurred most often. Public clocks, church clocks, and wall clocks were seldom part of a dream. Other examples of watches and clocks include stopwatches, chess clocks, and mechanical clocks. In 16 dreams, the clock/watch belonged to the dreamer; however, in only four occurrences was it a watch/clock that the dreamer possessed in waking life, e.g., the golden wristwatch of his grandfather. In most cases, the dreamer was not familiar with the clock or watch in the dream. The clock/watch was not important for the time-planning within every dream. In dream example 1, however, the clock did play a role in time management within the dream. On the other hand, his clock dreams also included other topics, such as buying a watch in a shop or returning a lost watch. Very rarely, the clock/watch within the dream showed bizarre features (see dream examples 3 and 4 below). In examples 5 and 6, clocks are used in different ways, and there is uncertainty in example 5 and trouble in example 6. 


https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8699847/#:~:text=“Clock.,represent a fear of death.


As far as the passage of time, I would guess that if you're floating between parallel realities as you suggested in your other thread, perception is altered because your frames of reference are different or non-existent. Time itself doesn't have a "speed", so it really comes down to the observer's experience. This is just me guessing though. But on different scales. Some dreams seems like a day or two are passing, but others seem like half an hour or so... But here in the real world its the same six or so hours.


Are your dreams always perceived as time going faster?


On 10/6/2022 at 7:18 AM, Aryan said:

I has a dream about my village living with my grandfather and grandmother. And after one day of that dream, My mother said me to go to village to my grandfather. And I went to village. 


And the dream was more of a premonition for what would happen, rather than prompting you to make the visit, right? I've had plenty of those, very strange. I can see the parallel reality thing for sure.

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To a dreamer, the concept of time dilation is evident. A 
dream that consists of a few minutes in real time can occur 
in the dream domain for an hour or a few hours.
Much recent research suggests that the present and 
future exist together. Dreams exhibit the past, present and 
future as if all were at the same platform and the past may 
seem to appear vigorously as if happening now.[9]
Investigations have shown that Time passes slower in a 
dream. A dream of about five to ten minutes seems to 
occupy an hour or more in time.
The time dilation involved in dreams , triggered by 
Chaos bifurcation and self organization may be possible 
with the high speed of dream thought, which slows down 
time. As a consequence, the past, present and future adopt 
convergent identities and reside as if in the present.
Dreams appear to take place just before waking. A 
possible answer may be that we need to wake up before our 
dreams have just occurred. Earlier dreams may be forgotten 
when we wake up.
Observing the dilation of time in a dream experience 
and possible travels in time, it seems somewhat logical to 
consider the conjecture that Chaos, in its onset, can form 
self organization patterns in time

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