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Sacramento, California Driver Witnesses Four UFO "Orbs" September 30, 2022


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A Californian driver traveling along the highway caught video of an intriguing group of UFOs that seemed to be hovering in the night sky. The unusual sighting apparently happened last Friday night when the witness was travelling through Sacramento. At first, the witness reportedly observed two luminous orbs off in the distance. He claimed that the anomalies were evenly spaced apart, with one being slightly "named" below the other. The witness recognized they should videotape this when the driver was startled by the UFOs as they turned and a third light "popped" on.



The driver was able to record most of the sighting while still operating his vehicle on the interstate, which is both somewhat commendable and possibly not the safest course of action. A fourth light then appears, along with the other three throughout the encounter, which he estimated to have lasted between three and four minutes. As the man watches the three lights progressively spread out in the sky, he wonders if they might be helicopters or drones. The witness eventually got off at the next exit in the hopes of getting a better view of the UFOs after complaining that he couldn't focus on them since he was driving, but finally lost sight of them in the process.


He later noted that the event was "strange," and was particularly perplexed by how the third and fourth lights appeared to "pop on" as the encounter progressed. As for what the objects might have been, besides a fleet of extraterrestrial ships, a more mundane explanation is that the orbs were lanterns that had been set off someplace in the city, and that the clouds were the sole thing that caused them to appear to "switch on." However, the nature of the strange things is still a mystery as of right now.

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