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Unsettling Light Pillar Seen Over Russian City


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This week, a strange pillar of light that emerged in the sky over a Russian city generated all kinds of bizarre hypotheses as to what might have caused the strange sight. The mysterious incident reportedly happened on Tuesday night in the neighborhood of Belgorod, and numerous perplexed locals who saw it took pictures and videos. Russian social media immediately became filled with reports of the bizarre event that was taking place over the city, and many people were curious as to what would have caused the weird scene.



One explanation suggested that since Belgorod is only 25 miles from Ukraine, the light pillar may have been a test of some novel technology. It was specifically claimed that the anomaly was caused by the Peresvet weapon system, which the nation has been building for the past four years and uses lasers to "blind" satellites. As could be expected, some Russian news sources brought up this terrifying notion, but a lot of individuals online expressed skepticism about it.



The mysterious pillar was likely simply a natural occurrence of a phenomenon that was previously observed earlier this year in a ski resort in Turkey, where sunlight at dawn or twilight ends up being refracted by ice crystals in the sky and produces what looks to be a towering lit column.


The Russian government would probably like it more if people thought the "anomaly" was a show of military power instead of just a trick of the eye. 

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