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CALLING ALL TIME TRAVELLERS ! ; reward for turning up !


Please can any real time travelers or those with time travel tech meet at the following GPS coordinates location ; 




On the date;


 NOVEMBER, 2022, at the time 14:00 HOURS PM, GMT + 1 UK time.


Location / GPS coordinates: 52.953108,-1.514823


Date: Saturday 12th of November 


Time; 14:00 PM hours 


Landmarks: meet near the old stone bridge crossing the stream. Meeting place is next to the gravle road / track 


If you are a real time traveller, please attend the following event; FULL ANONYMITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY IS GUARANTEED.


Timeless rewards avaliable if any real time travellers show up.


The meeting will be an amazing opportunity to exchange gifts and information along with learning valiable knowledge and data about each others timelines and time periods 


If you have any queusons prior to the meeting date please email;


[email redacted]


Thank you in advance

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On 10/31/2022 at 9:08 AM, Jackson Miranda David said:

I wish to attend, but I have stayed in secrecy and cannot risk being caught now. I am sorry.


This is one of the problems that we have had with virtually every would-be time traveler over the past 22+ years on TTI.  They claim to be time travelers but for some reason they completely fail to think in terms of time travel (as they generally describe it - which may or may not be in line with General Relativity and usually isn't).


The "bad guys" are also time travelers and the time traveler" is running from and hiding from them.  The "time traveler" fails to appreciate that (s)he could never be successful in hiding because the "bad guys" literally have forever to look for them...because they are time travelers.  Or...


The "bad guys" aren't time travelers but are from the present and are seeking to obtain the technology.  Why bother?  The time traveler's society can't possibly keep the technology a secret for all of eternity, which would be a requirement.  Someone, sometime, who is from a time travel enabled society, no matter how long it took, would eventually spill the beans in our time.  How long did the Manhattan Project keep the physics and technology behind the first atomic (fission) bomb a secret?  Just about never.  Klaus Fuchs, one of the Manhattan Project physicists, was sending the Kremlin updates weekly from the get-go. 


For the time traveling society their perspective might be that they kept the secret for decades, or thousands of years.  From our perspective - there never was much of a secret...just like the Manhattan Project scenario.



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