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1 war
2 Diesels
3 Survivalism (Find food and water)
5 Bunker For Riches
6 Nuclear

According to AI predictions, there are 3 curves.
The first is to get out of consumption habits and get out of the destruction of the planet.
The 2nd is a single world government of which China (family of the dragon) would be manager.
No distinction between humans, no religion, no photo, no earring.
12-hour working day with a rest day every 2 or 3 weeks
 and fluent in Chinese language to speak the same language, no union, no ritual, no meeting, no talk about religion.
Establishment of Chinese social credit in the form of points, which determines living conditions in the city.
0 Point = Expulsion from the city.
When a person arrives, they will be examined and then quarantined, then the family will disperse to different blocks.
There are and there will be autonomous and self-sufficient cities of refuge
 (ghost towns in 2022: Ordos, Donggang, Kangbashi, Jurong, Jing Jing, etc...).
Cities with V-shaped concrete grids and buildings up to 12 stories AND 4 stories deep
-4 air purification and recovery systems from other premises for life support.
-3 fish farms (Fish farming is the breeding of fish, in fresh, brackish or salt water.
-2 farms
-1 poultry farm at
Ground floor
1-9 Agriculture
10-12 Production and research centers
13- Hotel capsules 4m2 per person on a plot of 150km2
There will also be a restoration of the planet through climate control technologies.
150 km of land with 33 million humans
243 Living areas on land.
- 3rd option, the least likely would be to build a creative society where people will become
A single human civilization by changing their consumption format.
Behind the scenes, they hope that 144,000 people will have the right to exist on Earth
4000 global elites
40,000 security and service agents
100,000 slaves
See you later
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