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I need a synonym, I think you can help.


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I've been browsing the net for a one word synonym for time travel or time alteration but I can't find one. It's for a story that I am writing but "time" seems to plain and common of a word. If any of you can help I'd really appreciate it and the word doesn't have to be in English, I've personaly tried Latin but they don't have a word for time travle, time alteration, or travel through time.



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time travel, french: "voyage dans le temps"


or "voyage temporel", in latin it may sounds like this: "telechrono" or "teletempo", my prefered one is in spanish: "recorrido del tiempo".


I would stick with the german version: "Zeitspielraum", it sounds so mysterious and Germans get always only one word to say to whole thing...



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Shadow, all right, ok I admit it; french is my native language. But I'm not French, from Belgium but mostly Canadian now. Yeah, I AM CANADIAN! (I rather say Quebeker, but let's not start an other war!)- Are you american? So you're a cosin, kinda?


It's not my business of course, but I ask a question too to be quite!



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See I know a little bit of French myself dob. Anyway I liked telechrono dob but I've decided to shorten it a bit and alter it a little, which gives me Khrono. Although I'm also considering splitting Khrono up and using inflecto praeteritus (alter past) and inflecto posterus (alter future) instead. I'll let you know what I decide on later. Lastly Time02112, why do you seem so negative about time travel? Doesn't Superstring Theory allow for it? Right now I'm just starting to read the Elegant Universe by Brian Greene and I don't think he's said anything that would mean that you can't time travel. Although I did just start it so I could be wrong. Anyway thanks for your help, all of you.



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la chance du chasseur,


I think you are mistaken!


I was only injecting some mild humour. (pardonne my expression)quite is the opposite, in fact, I am considered by most others here, a leading "Purveyor" of supportive comments, and truckloads of information pertaining to Time~Travel, as one of my most fondest & sincere passions of all "Time" <pun intended!> just examine my archived posts, & see for yourself.


Incidently, I am the founder of a small, but growing, International research group, that is feverously working on a variety of projects relating to Time~Travel, and then some.


TAP-TEN Research Foundation


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T.E.N. "Temporal Explorers Network" </p>


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Very impressive Time and I do apologize if I offended you. May your research be proved invaluable in furthering the adavnce of time travel technology and whatever other fields of research your knowledge brings you to.



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