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Event 201Pandemic Exercise


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Event 201 is a real pandemic exercise dreamed up by Bill Gates and Johns Hopkins.  If you read about it, it sounds eerily like this Covid situation. 


My theory:

Covid=Flu renamed. All flu tests were made DUDS.  Motive? Event 201.  In 2020, the flu vanished....or did it? The flu kills thousands per year. Why would it just vanish? I think they simply took the flu and called it Covid.  Could it be that simple?  




I remember when they said thousands of bodies were stacking up at hospitals.  Florida health care workers said their ER's were slow.
Others in states like New York investigated themselves and did not see lines, or bodies, or any extra activities around hospitals.  

Do not trust your television.  It's a lie.   

What's in the vaccine? Saline?  Something that changes our DNA?  I just know it is experimental and I will not take it. 

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