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    American Hiroshima
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    I've seen a lot of information about this lately, since sone of you brought it up in another thread.

    I'm starting this thread specifically for this subject.

    I'd ask that each of you that have so far contributed specific information regarding this subject in the other threads capture and transfer your messages here so this can be a repository for data on this subject.

    Thank you.


    Rick Donaldson

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    An American Hiroshima?
    Frontpagemagazine ^ | 8-2-05 | Jamie Glazov/Joseph Farah

    Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Joseph Farah, the founder, editor and chief executive officer of WND and a nationally syndicated radio talk-show host. He is also the publisher of Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin, a premium, online, subscription intelligence news service.

    Preview Image

    FP: Joseph Farah, welcome to Frontpage Interview. It is a pleasure to have you here.

    Farah: Thank you, Jamie.

    FP: In one of your recent G-2 bulletins, you discuss the evidence suggesting that Osama is planning what he calls an "American Hiroshima" and that he already has the means to do it. Al Qaeda has apparently already smuggled nuclear weapons into the U.S. This is simply terrifying. Can you tell us a bit about this?

    Farah: Several reporters and top intelligence analysts -- people including me, Yossef Bodansky, the former terrorism guru to the U.S. Congress, Paul Williams, author of the upcoming book, "The Al Qaeda Connection," and others -- have been working quietly and independently for years on this issue of al-Qaida's acquisition and plans for nuclear weapons. What's happening is that this independent work has led to surprisingly similar conclusions -- that al-Qaida has nuclear weapons, probably many of them, and that some of them, according to a variety of sources, have already been smuggled into this country using our porous borders and with the help of criminal enterprises like the MS-13 gang.

    There is no question, based on captured documents and captured al-Qaida leaders that Osama bin Laden has been planning his "American Hiroshima" for many years -- long before Sept. 11, 2001. When you hear U.S. officials -- from President Bush, to Vice President Dick Cheney, to the head of the FBI and Homeland Security all telling us about the "inevitability" of a terrorist attack on the U.S. with weapons of mass destruction, this is what they are talking about. They haven't come right out and made the announcements about what they know is the threat because they have determined it might create a panic. We're not reporting anything the White House doesn't know. We're not reporting anything the CIA doesn't know. We're not reporting anything the FBI doesn't know. We're just reporting what the American people don't know. And since the government is doing next to nothing to protect the American people, it seems appropriate to let them in on the dirty little secret.

    There is a major threat to the U.S. civilian population from al-Qaida's existing nuclear arsenal -- and, based on the evidence, I believe some of that arsenal has already been delivered to this country.

    FP: What are Al Qaeda's prime targets? Why?

    Farah: Again, according to captured documents and captured al-Qaida leaders -- and some defectors -- the plans are to detonate multiple nuclear weapons in major U.S. cities -- either all at once or over a period of days. You can guess most of the prime targets -- New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc. The only surprise, according to my sources, is that al-Qaida's list is not based on the cities with the most population. The list is based on where most American Jews live. So you see some cities like Miami and Las Vegas and San Francisco on the list. Dates are very important to al-Qaida, as we have come to know, and one of the dates mentioned in connection with this "American Hiroshima" plan is Aug. 6, the anniversary of the U.S. nuclear attack on Hiroshima in 1945. No year has been set, but it is worth noting that this Aug. 6th is the 60th anniversary of that attack.

    FP: If Al Qaeda really perpetrated this horror, what would be the result?

    Farah: Thre's an old joke that goes: "One nuclear bomb can ruin your whole day." Even one nuclear detonation in a major U.S. city, of course, would mean not only the deaths of potentially millions, but it would wreak havoc on the U.S. economy -- which is a always a goal with bin Laden. He doesn't want to just kill Americans. He wants to defeat the USA. He wants to bring us to our knees. And he wants to give all the glory to Allah.

    FP: Could you expand a bit on the sources for this information? How do we know they are reliable?

    Farah: Personally, I have been working on this project for nearly four years. This story has not come together all at once. It has come together piecemeal over that period of time. I have had what I consider to be credible sourcing on 95 percent of this for quite awhile. I withheld it from publication because I couldn't even believe it myself. I didn't and don't want it to be true. I have no desire to be right about this. I want very badly to be wrong. This is not a story that can advance my reputation, credibility, career or business interests. If I'm wrong, which I hope I am, people may some day laugh at me. I will gratefully accept that. If I'm right, nobody is going to be saying, "Gee, that Farah told it like it was." They will be focused on the national disaster that has struck us -- just as I will be. About 90 percent of the information I have gathered on this plan is from publicly sourced documents available to you and anyone else who wants to spend the time looking for them. It's only the analysis and interpretation that requires skilled -- and sometimes unnamed -- intelligence sources.

    FP: Tell us a bit about Al Qaeda’s cooperation with the Russians on this matter.

    Farah: I don't know of any official cooperation with the Russian government. But al-Qaida has purchased the services of former KGB officers and former Spetznaz special forces troops with knowledge of maintaining and detonating the nuclear weapons it has obtained from the former Soviet Union. In addition, Russia is playing a very dangerous game in continuing to conceal the whereabouts of nuclear weapons planted on U.S. soil during the Cold War. Al-Qaida is furiously looking for these weapons with the help of those Russian agents it has procured for a price. If Russia wanted to save the world from this potential holocaust, it could contribute by telling the U.S. government where the nukes are buried -- before al-Qaida finds them. There is a very strong likelihood that if a nuclear weapon is detonated in the U.S., it will be a Russian nuclear weapon.

    FP: Russia had already smuggled nuclear weapons into this country? How come they didn’t set them off? Because of mutually assured destruction? Because communism crumbled in Russia and the Cold War came to an end? How come the Russians haven’t disclosed their location? Because they still see us as potential enemies and are saving the nukes for a rainy day?

    Farah: I believe the simple doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction did keep an uneasy peace between the USA and Soviet Union for a generation. But today Russia needs to tell the U.S. where those nukes are buried. It is an ongoing act of war to conceal these weapons of mass destruction in our country. Too many defectors have confirmed their presence on our soil. We need explanations from the Russians. To date they have even tried to deny they ever made suitcase nukes. President Bush needs to use his relationship with Vladimir Putin to get to the truth before it is too late. How would we respond as a nation to a nuclear terrorist attack in our country knowing the weapons used against us originated in Russia? Would Russia not be accountable in any way?

    At least one high-ranking Russian KGB agent said indeed that some in his country still believe war between our countries is "inevitable" so the weapons must remain concealed. That is, to say the least, unacceptable.

    FP: How did we get here? Could this have been prevented?

    Farah: Since the reports indicate the nuclear devices came across the Mexican border -- along with thousands of sleeper al-Qaida agents -- it seems apparent to me that we have left our back door wide open. We have used our military to project force around the world, but we have not secured the perimeter. If there is a major terrorist act in this country again -- something equivalent to 9-11 or worse, President Bush will have no one to blame but himself. No longer will we be able to look back at the failings of the Clinton administration over eight years -- and there were many -- that led to Sept. 11. Bush has been in power now for five years. It was his decision not to secure the borders.

    FP: Why wouldn’t the Bush administration secure our borders? What are the advantages of leaving them unsecured? Is it too politically incorrect to secure them?

    Farah: I've asked this question myself over and over. It is the most frequently asked question I hear from my radio audience and from the thousands of emails I receive from readers. President Bush candidly said it was a matter of cheap labor a few months ago. I believe that is dead wrong. I don't believe there is anything cheap about this labor. It is bankrupting our health-care system. It is taking jobs away from law-abiding American citizens. It is raising crime rates and it is threatening our national security.

    No, I believe there is another more sinister reason. There is a master plan for global governance being plotted in meetings of groups like the Council on Foreign Relations. You can read its reports. And, I believe this open-borders policy is a direct result of those plans, which have been secretly adopted by our highest leaders, including President Bush.

    FP: This scenario and information is all truly horrifying. Is there anything you can tell us that would give us grounds for optimism? Is there any hope? What can be done to prevent an American Hiroshima from transpiring, for by the evidence you present, it seems inevitable.

    Farah: Pray very hard.

    FP: I hear you Mr. Farah. I would never dismiss prayer – for gizzillions of reasons. But apart from prayer, my friend, what can we do? This seems so hopeless because I want to suggest that we announce that mutually assured destruction will come into effect immediately if we are hit, but then. . . .who the hell do we target in a revenge attack? We can’t blow up a city of the enemy because there is no city of the enemy and as a civilized democracy we simply can’t do anything of this nature. Or can we? Must we make some kind of barbarian threats that might deter these terrorists? I can’t see how because, unlike the communists, they aren’t even interested in self-preservation anyway. They want to die. This is truly depressing. Do you have any suggestions besides the counsel to pray?

    Farah: Raising awareness of the problem certainly gives the American people the option of making their own contigency plans. I know people like Buffett are. I know the federal government is. Why shouldn't the American people be made starkly aware of the impending threat?

    FP: As you are aware, Dr. Jack Wheeler has argued that this whole thing – the Al Qaeda plan “American Hiroshima”etc. – is a hoax. He says it is total nonsense that Soviet suitcase nukes are here in the U.S., that there were no cell phones in 1988 (to trigger them), etc. I must admit his argument that Osama would never use a nuclear bomb even if he had one because we have thousands to strike back is not quite convincing. We have no one to strike back in this terror war (in terms of a country) and Osama and his ilk aren’t particularly afraid of death. Aside from this, can you deal a bit with his dismissing of the claims?

    Farah: I love Jack, but the cell phone is 30 years old. I had a cell phone in 1988. Jack's memory is a little faulty here. All one really needs to do is listen to people like President Bush, Dick Cheney, Warren Buffett and others who say not only is it possible, it is "inevitable" that nuclear terrorism will happen.

    FP: Well, before we go, let me try this one more time and in a different way: suppose we all become starkly aware of the impending threat. Besides praying, is there anything we can actually do about it? Please give us some hope.

    Farah: I don't use the term "inevitable." As a Christian, I don't like that term. But that's what Bush, Cheney, Ridge and many other public officials have said. I would like us, as a nation, as a people, to try to prevent it. Maybe it's that feeling of inevitability that has our public officials paralyzed. At the very least, we can minimize the impact of a future attack by denying the terrorists easy continued entry into this country by closing the borders. We should demand of our Russian friends that they come clean -- privately would be OK -- about the buried nukes in the U.S. We should get serious about the threat from within this country posed by terrorists operating within the confines of mosques and charities. We should stop discriminating against Arab Jews at the FBI, in military intelligence and in law enforcement in this country. They are fluent in the language and culture of our enemies and that would be of immense help to our national security. We must get on a war footing and enlist the help of the American people in combating this enemy. There are many things we can do -- even though the hour is late.

    FP: Can you tell us a bit about the discrimination against Arab Jews at the FBI and other law enforcement agencies in this country? Why would this be happening? It makes absolutely no sense. Why do we like hiring enemies instead of friends?

    Farah: We have many documented reports of Arab-American FBI translators who speak approvingly of Osama bin Laden and al-Qaida being retained and relied on for sensitive intelligence-collecting positions. At the same time we have documented reports of Arab Jews -- people who fled for their lives from Iraq, Syria and other Arab countries being systematically denied those same translating positions. Why? Apparently because they might have loyalty to Israel! It is blatant anti-Semitism being demonstrated by the U.S. government. Not only is it a self-destructive and counter-intuitive operation, it is blatantly illegal. But it continues still.

    Just think how many Arab Jews there are in this country who know the language and know the culture. Why aren't we tapping that resource? Some 750,000 Jews were expelled from the Arab countries in the last 50 years. Not all of them went to Israel. Many of them live right here in the U.S.

    FP: Mr. Farah, it was a pleasure to have you here with us today. Thank you for coming to share this vital and traumatizing information. We won’t blame the messenger. Take care my friend.

    Rick Donaldson

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    American Hiroshima: Old News
    GlobalPolitician.com ^ | July 18, 2005 | Ryan Mauro

    American Hiroshima: Old News Ryan Mauro - 7/18/2005 This week, the mainstream media seemed shocked when a number of news sources, including WorldNetDaily.com released a report about an "American Hiroshima" plot against the United States by Al-Qaeda The plot calls for Al-Qaeda to detonate nuclear weapons on American soil, having arrived over the Mexican border with the assistance of MS-13 gang members. The report claims Al-Qaeda has already obtained a large number of nuclear weapons currently being maintained by Pakistani and Russian scientists.

    Why the shock? In November 2002, this author provided similar and nearly identical information to the American public and intelligence agencies compiled from private and open-sources. The result was a research project of an enormous size, summarily published on this site with the entire version published on WorldThreats.com. Thus, we were quite surprised when this report rocked and shocked the mainstream media over two years after we had already published the same information.

    Our original report, entitled "Exposing the Next Wave of Spectacular Terrorism: Terrorist Possession of Weapons of Mass Destruction" seems antiquated as it had been tailored to the address the concerns at the onset of Operation Iraqi Freedom, including the possibility of retaliatory terrorist attacks. Although there were several subsequent updates, we have re-compiled our information, now over two years old, to illustrate we sounded this alarm bell in 2002.

    (Excerpt) Read more at globalpolitician.com ...

    Rick Donaldson

    It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not.

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    What Bin Laden Sees in Hiroshima
    Washington Post ^ | February 6, 2005 | Steven Coll

    At a conference on the future of al Qaeda sponsored by Los Alamos National Laboratory last month, I posed a dark question to 60 or so nuclear weapons scientists and specialists on terrorism and radical Islam: How many of them believed that the probability of a nuclear fission bomb attack on U.S. soil during the next several decades was negligible -- say, less than 5 percent?

    At issue was the Big One -- a Hiroshima-or-larger explosion that could claim hundreds of thousands of American lives, as opposed to an easier-to-mount but less lethal radiological attack. Amid somber silence, three or four meek, iconoclastic hands went up. (More later on the minority optimists. They, too, deserve a hearing.)

    This grim view, echoed in other quarters of the national security bureaucracy in recent months, can't be dismissed as Bush administration scaremongering. "There has been increasing interest by terrorists in acquiring nuclear weapons," Mohamed ElBaradei, the Egyptian director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the world's chief nuclear watchdog, said in a recent interview, excerpts of which were published in Outlook last Sunday. "I cannot say 100 percent that it hasn't happened" already, he added, almost as an afterthought.

    Worried yet? Then you might agree that there is too little specific, rigorous, apolitical discussion of this threat available to the public. In an era when Americans know they have reason to be afraid -- yet seem at times to know more fear than reason -- even the unthinkable requires transparent debate. Here's a provocation, in service of the cause of inspiring such debate: In focusing all-out on nuclear aspirants such as Iran and North Korea, the United States may be distracting itself from an even graver problem.

    (Excerpt) Read more at washingtonpost.com ...

    Rick Donaldson

    It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not.

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    Here's a handfull of links to read some of this.


    Rick Donaldson

    It's better to be hated for who you are, than to be loved for who you are not.

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    Thanks Rick.
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    "American Hiroshima" is simply a concept, a psychlogical visualization of that which Al Qaeda intends to inflict upon America at the time and place of their choosing.

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    Originally posted by Backstop in The Coming T errorist Attack thread:
    How Osama Bought Bomb
    Al-Qaida directs poppy cultivation under noses of U.S. occupation of Afghanistan

    July 25, 2005
    Joseph Farah
    © 2005 WorldNetDaily.com

    Osama bin Laden has spent billions of dollars on the successful purchase and development of nuclear weapons – money his al-Qaida terrorist network earned by directing poppy cultivation in the fields of Afghanistan, right under the noses of U.S. occupation forces, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

    That is the finding of sources of the premium, online intelligence newsletter published by the founder of WND as well as the investigative work of journalist Paul L. Williams, who documents the stunning revelation in his upcoming book, "The Al Qaeda Connection: International Terrorism, Organized Crime and the Coming Apocalypse."

    The vast drug fortune has also aided al-Qaida in smuggling some of those nuclear weapons – along with thousands of sleeper agents – over the Mexican border with the help of the MS-13 criminal street gang, say the sources.

    According to captured al-Qaida leaders and documents, bin Laden's terrorist network has a plan called "American Hiroshima" involving the multiple detonation of nuclear weapons already smuggled into the U.S.

    Al-Qaida has obtained at least 40 nuclear weapons from the former Soviet Union – including suitcase nukes, nuclear mines, artillery shells and even some missile warheads. In addition, documents captured in Afghanistan show al-Qaida had plans to assemble its own nuclear weapons with fissile material it purchased on the black market.

    Besides trying to detonate its own nuclear weapons already planted in the U.S., military sources also say there is evidence to suggest al-Qaida is paying former Russian special forces officers to assist the terrorist group in locating nuclear weapons formerly concealed inside the U.S. by the Soviet Union during the Cold War. Osama bin Laden's group is also paying nuclear scientists from Russia and Pakistan to maintain its existing arsenal and assemble additional weapons with the materials it has invested hundreds of millions in procuring over a period of 10 years.

    The plans for the devastating nuclear attack on the U.S. have been under development for more than a decade. It is designed as a final deadly blow of defeat to the U.S., which is seen by al-Qaida and its allies as "the Great Satan."

    At least half the nuclear weapons in the al-Qaida arsenal were obtained for cash from the Chechen terrorist allies.

    At least nine major U.S. cities, including New York and Washington, are prime targets for the al-Qaida nuclear terrorists.

    Bin Laden's preferred dates for attacks include Aug. 6, the anniversary of the Hiroshima nuclear bombing in 1945, Sept. 11 and May 14, the anniversary of the re-creation of the state of Israel in 1948. The 60th anniversary of the Hiroshima attack will be marked next month.

    Some skeptical of the alarming news have suggested bin Laden could never have achieved such results with his limited funds and a personal fortune estimated by the FBI and CIA at around $250 million.

    In truth, Williams reports, bin Laden had lost his family fortune before he ever got to Afghanistan in 1996. Some of that money had already been spent in his quest for the weapons of mass destruction he believed he needed to wage a successful jihad against the greatest superpower on the planet. That search began by 1993 when al-Qaida is believed to have purchased weapons-grade uranium purloined from South Africa.

    But, with the help of Taliban leader Sheikh Mullah Omar, bin Laden created a much bigger fortune by taking control of the Afghan poppy fields, refining the heroin into the highest quality and striking deals with Turkish drug lords and the Albanian Mafia to distribute it worldwide.

    According to Yossef Bodansky, former director of the Congressional Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare and author of "Bin Laden: The Man Who Declared War on America," by the late 1990s, under bin Laden's direction, Afghanistan was selling $7 billion to $8 billion worth of drugs in the West each year.

    "When Americans buy drugs, they fund the jihad," he said.

    Nothing has changed with the U.S.-led occupation of Afghanistan – except that the flow of heroin has increased.

    In 2004, according to the United Nations, opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan rose by two-thirds, climbing to 320,000 acres and producing a yield of 4,200 metric tons.

    "Prior to bin Laden's exile from Sudan, the heroin that came out of the Golden Crescent was low-grade No. 3," reports Williams in his upcoming book. "It was a product that was good only for smoking or snorting."

    But Omar and bin Laden recognized there was a growing worldwide market for No. 4 heroin that could be shot into veins.

    "To meet the demand for this product, bin Laden established sophisticated laboratories near Kabul and recruited chemists from Pakistan, China and the former Soviet Union," writes Williams.

    By 1997, the revenues from the poppy harvest poured into the Taliban economy to the tune of somewhere between $5 billion and $16 billion annually.

    The sale of drugs to the West served a double purpose in the eyes of bin Laden:
    it helped to poison the infidel enemy;

    it paid for the acquisition and development of nuclear weapons – the ultimate means of destroying the United States;
    As a direct result of this extraordinary development and the intersection of terrorism and narcotics sales, Williams, a former FBI consultant on organized crime matters, came, for all intents and purposes, the end of the Italian Mafia – La Cosa Nostra.

    Those who filled the vacuum left after arrests and convictions of many of the top crime family leaders were bin Laden's Albanian allies.

    "In 2004, the FBI announced that among ethnic Albanians, there is a group of radical Muslims who have replaced La Cosa Nostra as the 'leading crime outfit in the United States,'" writes Williams. The Albanian Mafia, due to their incredible propensity for blood-letting, gained supremacy over the long-entrenched LCN families in every major city along the Eastern seaboard.

    It isn't just about money with the Albanian Mafia. There is a religious twist to their bloodletting and mayhem.

    When Italian police tapped the phones of Agim Gashi, Milan's leading drug lord, he was overheard telling his Turkish suppliers to continue sending shipments of heroin during Ramadan, despite the Quranic injunctions against it.

    It was necessary, he said, for the sake of the bigger picture, "to submerge Christian infidels in drugs." In another conversation, he said: "We have discovered that drugs are not only a source of wealth but a tool to weaken Christendom."


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    More bad news, folks; it's a good bet that Osama has nukes and the wherewithal to use them. I'm sure you all knew that already, but here is additional info on that.

    ..."Williams outlines that more than 10 years ago, German officials documented more than 700 attempted sales of nuclear weapons and materials"... Frankly, that scares the living $#!+ outta me! How about you? Well, at least Popof Island is far too unimportant to nuke. And your home town? Long past time to DEMAND border control from our government! [Mad]

    Worst nightmare: Bin Laden has nukes
    New book reveals details of terrorists' 'American Hiroshima' plot

    Posted: March 28, 2006
    1:00 a.m. Eastern
    © 2006 WorldNetDaily.com

    It's about the worst nightmare Americans could ever have.

    Imagine Osama bin Laden with nuclear weapons and the wherewithal to get them inside the U.S.

    According to Paul Williams, author of "The Dunces of Doomsday: 10 Blunders that Gave Rise to Radical Islam," http://shop.wnd.com/store/item.asp?ITEM_ID=1838 (a link for purchase of same-comment added) it's time to stop imagining and start preparing for the grim reality of nuclear terrorism.

    "The beginning of the end of Planet Earth" occurred 15 years ago, according to Williams. Much of the evidence of the impending holocaust is strewn around the globe, with al-Qaida and its allies at the helm.

    Williams, a former FBI consultant and author of "The Al Qaeda Connection" and "Osama's Revenge," uncovers a "booming nuclear black market" in which bin Laden has been strategically complicit.

    "The belief that bin Laden simply obtained these weapons to keep in his cave without concern for maintenance and upgrading has its roots in the erroneous and prejudicial notion that he is a backward camel jockey lacking knowledge of sophisticated weaponry, rather than a highly trained engineer and one of the most gifted military tacticians in contemporary history," Williams writes.

    With its origins in the Soviet Union's voluntary withdrawal of its 22,000 nuclear weapons in the early 1990s, the nuke market has grown into an international trade, characterized by a dizzying and disconcerting bevy of untracked, lost and stolen weapons. In the first three years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, some Russians – desperate for survival amid resultant unemployment and widespread malnutrition – turned to the temptations of the looming nukes for financial support and sustenance.

    "The temptation would be too great for an ascetic 'saint' to resist, especially when a kilo of chromium-50 was selling for $25,000, cesium-157 for $1 million, and lithium for $10 million," says Williams.

    Williams outlines that more than 10 years ago, German officials documented more than 700 attempted sales of nuclear weapons and materials. Major prospective buyers included Egypt, Iran, North Korea, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and al-Qaida. These tracked sales do not take into account the many devices that seeped into the underground unchecked.

    Consider these facts:

    Bin Laden has been amassing a nuclear arsenal since 1992. His purchases have included at least 20 suitcase bombs from Chechen rebels, 48 suitcase nukes from the Russian Mafia, more than 20 kilos of uranium-236, several bars of enriched uranium, and 20 nuclear warheads. He's worked with scientists and technicians to create hard-to-detect suitcase and backpack bombs. These purchases have been supported by bin Laden's massive global opium enterprise.

    Even a small amount of radioactive material has devastating effects. "A single gram of cesium, if inhaled or ingested, is a bone sucker," writes Williams. It causes hair loss, diarrhea, bleeding, delirium, high fever, purple fingernails, imminent death, various cancers and long-term environmental contamination. Now consider that bin Laden has amassed "enough radioactive material to plant a dirty nuke in every major American city."

    The U.S. government played down radioactive deals that became common knowledge in the international community.

    For years, For years, Iraqi al-Qaida operatives have been at the helm in combing the world for "loose nukes" that have flowed to Russia, Germany, Sudan, Libya, Pakistan and, yes, Iran, too.

    "The al-Qaida nuclear arsenal is not a matter of speculation but of substantiated fact ... the situation is dire," says Williams.

    "The Dunces of Doomsday" is set for release by WND Books for next month. Order it from those who published it now.
    I do not intend this to be an ad for the book. Naetheless, they claim to document 16 blunders, to include:

    ..." "The Dunces of Doomsday" documents 16 blunders that resulted in an invigorated radical Islam, terrorism worldwide, and the coming "American Hiroshima."

    The aleged blunders documented include:

    The Peanut Farmer and the Ayatollah — How the worst president in America's history permitted and invigorated the rise of radical Islam

    The Great Offense Against Islam — How the invasion of Iraq under President George H. W. Bush and the installation of U.S. military bases between Islam's holy cities of Mecca and Medina sparked the holy war and the plan for the American Hiroshima

    The Poppy Fields Remain in Bloom — How the war on terror could have been averted by fire-bombing the poppy fields of Afghanistan

    The Clinton Follies: From the Mullahs to Monica — How the Clinton administration, which largely ignored international problems, failed to address the growing threat of Al-Qaeda after the attack on the U.S. embassies, the counterresistance in Somalia, and the attacks on the USS The Sullivans and the USS Cole

    W Uses the Wrong Word — How President George W. Bush's message that Islam means peace obscured the reality that Islam means submission to Allah."...

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