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    The New Majestic Twelve Documents

    What would happen if an extraterrestrial spacecraft crashed to Earth in Pleasantville, USA, in 1947?

    At a time when the most advanced technology personally familiar to the common man was Ford truck, at a time when we had no transistor, no laser, no satellites, no moon landing, no Hubble Telescope, no Star Wars or Star Trek, and not even a hand calculator, how would leaders react to such an astonishing and frightening event?

    Read the Day After Roswell to consider one highly respected and decorated Army colonel's story. Although his view of the Cold War is somewhat paranoid - very typically so for his generation - Corso received a glowing commendation and forward from Senator Strom Thurmond for the book, which made it into the first printing and was later retracted when the subject matter was revealed. He signed an affidavit testifying to the truth of his statements before his death in 1998. Note that Corso's co-author William Birnes is widely known to have exaggerated and mistaken certain details from the original manuscript, which I have had the opportunity to see at a distance.

    Also read Project Mindshift and consider whether there may exist a connection between modern science fiction and the UFO situation.

    In 1998, several remarkable new MAJESTIC 12 documents have emerged which dramatically expand the image available to examine of the alleged organization originally charged with the assessment of the UFO situation. These remarkable documents can be examined at ...


    An authentication analysis has been underway since 1996, and continues today. The ongoing and up-to-date authentication discussion can be found at ...


    Now that the new MAJESTIC 12 documents are in broad circulation, it is appropriate for me to make a few comments regarding their authenticity and their role in support of the hypothesis contained in The Truth.

    Let me first state for the record five key philosophical points that frame my sponsorship of the publishing of these documents:

    1- I have no economic motive in advancing this hypothesis or these materials. I have every conceivable career disincentive for pursuing this research. However, this line of discovery in my opinion is more important than any individual's career, and I am putting my money where my mouth is to do this.

    2- Only those who have taken the time to read extensively in the domain are qualified to assess the historicity of the UFO phenomenon. Outright rejection of the evidence without comprehensive review of the research in print across hundreds of books is close-minded, unscientific, and indeed irresponsible in the extreme. It is also quite understandable given decades of government disinformation which, right or wrong in its genesis and continuation, was specifically designed to create a "giggle factor" surrounding the subject.

    3- I will not selectively listen only to the evidence that simply agrees with my own previously stated views, nor will I reject evidence because it is contrary to conventional presumptions of scientists. The case "for" the reality of the UFO phenomenon is rather comprehensively summarized in The Truth, and as credible and rigorous new evidence materializes, it will be added to the site. As I discover rigorous skeptical examinations of individual documentary or historical evidence, I will include them also as part of the appropriate sections of The Truth, and/or use them to modify my own position as reflected in the narrative. Everyone will have the ability to read such perspectives and decide for themselves what is true.

    4- The UFO phenomenon can no longer be dismissed because of an apparent incompatibility with the laws of physics, such as the speed of light limitation on interstellar travel. There are now numerous well-grounded physics papers and books in circulation that clearly point towards the ability to engineer spacetime itself, which effectively provide clear plausibility to the concept of gravitational propulsion. If we have the intellectual courage to take the Drake equation and project into it technology capable of engineering gravity, we will be left not only with the plausibility of something like the observed UFO phenomenon, but the overwhelming likelihood of it. This is a simple scientific fact.

    5- I am unwaveringly committed to a rigorous pursuit of the truth, wherever that may lead. www.TheWordIsTruth.org will contain my best effort to present the complete and true story spanning the subjects touched upon within it.

    With those points as a foundation for the evolution of my book, I would like to state my own views on the question of how the authenticity of the MJ-12 materials bears on the historicity of the events they describe.

    After years of analysis of previously-published MJ-12 documents (such as the work conducted by Stanton Friedman) and particularly in light of the newly released MJ-12 documents, one thing is clear to virtually all serious researchers regardless of whether they believe in the pristine authenticity of the new materials: many of the MJ-12 documents simply must have been authored by or within the military- intelligence community of a superpower. This fact alone speaks volumes when considered next to the mountain of other UFO evidence. If the documents are pristine and true, they were written by the individuals therein mentioned or assistants. If the documents are partial or complete forgeries, then they were written by an intelligence agency of the government of either the United States or the Soviet Union. In this sense, even the serious-minded skeptics are hard pressed not to agree that they are "authentic" in terms of military-intelligence authorship. The question is, could they be authentic in military-intelligence authorship and not authentic in detail? And if so, what does that say about the most important authentication question of all: the basic history they describe?

    It is almost certain that the security infrastructures created to contain the history of the crash of an extraterrestrial vehicle in 1947 would ultimately wind up creating forgeries for whatever purpose. Three ulterior purposes immediately spring to mind: (1) documents seeded with small but critical flaws, destined to one day leak and discredit their entire chains of custody and all of the surrounding research, thereby helping to seal the cover on the program, (2) documents fabricated to mis-inform Cold War allies or enemies or proxies thereof about the details of the events, and (3) documents fabricated to disinform internal constituencies: competing branches of government, particularly nosy investigators, diligent reporters, or the public at large. But whether every single MJ-12 document is completely accurate in historical detail, genuine in authorship, or pristine in generation is not the issue. It is obviously possible that an intelligence agency of either superpower fabricated one or more of the documents for one of the purposes described above, or some other purpose. However, I believe that it is exceedingly improbable that such documents were created in a vacuum - created as complete fiction, in the complete absence of an authentic phenomenon and original historical events. The mere existence of such documents as these, containing the verifiable details that they do, is powerful evidence for the reality of the basic UFO phenomenon, irrespective of whether a "crash" occurred in 1947.

    Indeed, I have personally sat across the table from top leaders and brilliant minds of the military and science, on multiple occasions, who have confirmed the basic truth of the UFO phenomenon. Those who know me best know that I would never have bet my reputation and my career without such explicit confirmation. I have nothing - nothing - to gain by lying. I am telling the truth. Based upon what these leaders have told me, I do not believe that most elected officials or military intelligence officials have much more knowledge than the general public on the subject of UFOs. The best private information I have been able to secure is that the organization responsible for managing the domain is comprised of less than 1000 people and was long ago privatized and pulled enitrely outside of the machinery of the political and military command structure. It reports to no publicly elected or appointed leader, but rather a self-selected governing body which today is comprised of a larger number of industrialists than military or civil officials. It is believed that a growing minority of this governing body wishes to move towards public release of the secret in the near future.

    For those involved in UFO research, I strongly suggest that you focus your energies on tying together the historical events and people described in the documents, rather than exclusively concentrating on the history of the pages themselves. As far as "proving" the pristine authenticity of the MJ-12 documents and their history is concerned, it is really only critical to validate any one of the principal documents. If only a single major document is validated, then MJ-12 was factual, and its confirmed existence and basic mission is to be added to the already overwhelming and far more powerful testimonial evidence in favor of the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Focusing too much time on the provenance of the pages themselves is a mistake, because the most compelling proof that their storyline is basically true - short of new materials or events unfolding - is bound to come in the form of other corroborating historical research and witness testimony.

    In the final analysis, the skeptic is charged with doing far, far more than discrediting these newly released documents through speculative criticisms based upon typographical errors or one or two seemingly anachronistic details, because the historicity of the documents is not the most important question. The most important question is the historicity of the phenomenon they describe. There is OVERWHELMING evidence that the UFO phenomenon is real. Therefore, ANY such well-crafted documents - pristine in every detail or not - argue in behalf of the reality of the UFO phenomenon. It is astronomically unlikely that the massive and generally self-consistent evidence of extraterrestrial activity over the past five decades is simply a large coincidence or the product of a several good hoaxes.

    I ask the skeptic to step forward and comprehensively refute all the evidence: the millions of sightings, the thousands of reported landings, the thousands of abduction experiences, and the countless highly strange accompanying phenomena for which no one yet has a clear explanation: crop circles, cattle mutilations, etc. The refutation must take into account the following facts: (1) compelling UFO evidence spans all nations, modernized or not, regardless of whether their populations have been exposed to science fiction, (2) the evidence spans far more than 50 years - rather it goes back thousands of years, peppered throughout the ancient books and scriptures of our ancestors, and (3) the evidence is found to be exactly as it should be found when describing a phenomenon advanced far beyond humanity: it borders on the incomprehensible. How is a family of monkeys to interpret a Palm Pilot III? Or a Boeing 777? Or a football game? Or a scientist shooting at them with a dart to tranquilize, abduct, examine, and release them? Such a comparison is entirely fair and completely literal.

    I am not aware of the existence of sufficient contrary data to refute the massive accumulation of evidence supporting the reality of the UFO phenomenon. Indeed, let me restate perhaps the only truly powerful scientific argument against its plausibility: gravitational propulsion is not possible, therefore we have not been and are not being visited by beings from other worlds. This argument is ultimately the only basis upon which the UFO phenomenon can be rejected as a product of our collective imagination.

    So I ask you this: what if it is possible to engineer gravity? 100% of the scientific presumptions against interstellar travel - and by direct implication extraterrestrial visitation - must immediately be extinguished if there is a single credible demonstration of practical gravity engineering. There is good evidence to believe that open science is now flirting with such a demonstration, and it is reported in my book.

    But perhaps the most significant motive to consider seriously the possibility that the UFO phenomenon is based in fact is that any integration of the majestic history of science with the profound history of faith would clearly demand some connective concept of such a high order. The reason I have not "called out" the MJ-12 documents within The Truth web site more prominently than the narrative is because we can begin to comprehend the UFO phenomenon only if we are capable of putting it into a coherent world view. How else can the implications of such astonishing information possibly be considered? The Truth represents one continuing effort to rigorously integrate a world view given such knowledge. It proposes that several billion faithful human beings across history have indeed been doing their faltering best to follow their truth, just as several hundred million scientists have done more recently. If we reject the hypothesis of The Truth and nothing replaces it that can as coherently connect science and faith in history, then we must ask ourselves how we can avoid spiraling towards one of three unambiguous and harsh futures: science deconstructing faith as fantasy, religion destroying science as evil, or perhaps economics destroying both as inefficient.

    If the hypothesis of The Truth is correct, or if another hypothesis can bring these questions into coherence with equal completeness, then there is indeed a grander integrated story of our history. In that case it is not only important, but vital at this time to step beyond our preexisting world view and expand the boundaries of our imagination. If humanity is indeed the subject of a multimillennium process of education, if not genesis itself, it is of fundamental importance that we demonstrate our ability to think, study and teach on a new level.

    Will we choose to step out of our Truman Show?

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