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  • Ed Dames on Oct 1, 1998 (4/6)


    Transcript provided this time by PSI-TECH themselves.

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    [Art Bell] ....September 30: An immense wave of radiation from a bizarre star smashed into the upper atmosphere of Earth last month with enough energy to power civilization for a billion, billion years, researchers report. Astronomers said at a news conference Tuesday, "The eruption was the most powerful burst of x-rays and gamma rays from beyond the Sun ever recorded and caused at least two satellites to shut down briefly. On the Earth's surface however, there is almost no effect from the invisible radiation. They said, "Energy equal only to a typical single dental X-ray could have penetrated the atmosphere." "We have been monitoring things like this", said Kevin Hurley a research physicist at the University of California Berkeley, "for thirty years, and we've never seen anything like it." The burst of gamma and x-ray radiation struck the Earth over the Pacific Ocean at night on August 27, and was so powerful that it temporarily ionized the upper atmosphere just as the Sun would in the daytime. Seven scientific satellites, five orbiting the Earth, one approaching an asteroid far beyond and one near the orbit of jupiter - all of them detected the massive eruption and it goes on from there. Now, how does this connect to Ed Dames? You may recall Ed Dames said there is going to be trouble from our Sun. That there will be in effect a shot over the bow and then a kill shot. Was this the shot over the bow? Let me read to you.. PSI TECH of course had called it the discontinuity, something they couldn't quite read..an event.. and then Ed came on, a special night and told us about the Sun and what was going to happen. And if you pulled the transcript from that program it will read, [Bell] (me talking to Ed) When did you nail it down? [Ed] I think about 11 months ago. We finally pulled it all together by looking at the source of this event. By concentrating on only the source rather than the effects, at first we thought we were dealing with a neutron star burst somewhere in another part of the galaxy. Then with more work we realized it was our own star, the Sun.

    Ed, did we just have the precursor event?

    [Ed Dames] I believe that was it Art. It was stellar in nature it was not our Sun. We have a lot of information about the kill shot, we have less on the precursor.

    [Art Bell] You've said that right along...

    [Ed Dames] I thought that the precursor.. the effects would be stronger. In fact I thought the precursor was our own Sun. But I believe it was this. And...

    [Art Bell] Oh.. well the effects were strong enough, as I just read..

    [Ed Dames] We're pretty much convinced this was the precursor. And we predict as I've said in the past on your shows, we think all bets are off in '99. But we think that around Easter, around April of '99 is the event from our own Sun. Somewhere around in there.. that's a very rough window, but nevertheless the event itself is on the way... and

    [Art Bell] Let me tell you something Ed..

    [Ed Dames] It goes hand in hand with this..now that I think about it..with the Sixth Seal..because it talks about..

    [Art Bell] Sure..sure...

    [Ed Dames] the sun and the moon turning red or something like that..

    [Art Bell] Let me tell you a very interesting brief story. This coming Dreamland Sunday, Linda Moulton Howe interviews I think an astronomer.. a scientist..about this burst of radiation. And Linda was saying, "My God.. at 22 billion light years out, for this kind of radiation to reach the Earth in this kind of a wave - a blast, could that not have been what killed the dinosaurs? Or an event like it?" And the scientist said, "well yes..it could have been." Then Linda said, "well are there other stars like this that could be close?" To which he replied, "Yes." And she asked, "well what would occur if it was closer?" and the scientist's answer was, "an extinction level event, or a semi-extinction level event, a minor extinction level event." And I said "a what? a minor level extinction level event?" And that interview can be heard Sunday on Dreamland. But there you are. There is something new, pun intended, under the Sun unfortunately. And so you're pretty sure this was what you saw?

    [Ed Dames] Yes. This appears to be it. But the kill shot and subsequent events lead us to believe, based upon our Technical Remote Viewing data, that the Earth is going back to primordial conditions. And I don't know how long that will take, but that is what we see in the end. It looks just like the textbook example of Earth in the beginning, when life was brewing in the soup with the lightning flashing and the Earth covered by water.

    [Art Bell] So really what we're saying here, is that the scientists, the remote viewers, and the Bible scholars, are all on the same page, and the page is about to turn.

    [Ed Dames] It's starting to come together. There are many roads that lead to Rome and Rome appears to be a fairly.. I don't want to say grim..because I don't know..if this is just a natural order of events in the universe or not. I assume that it is. I don't know what to say about that Art.

    [Art Bell] But when you heard this story you must have sat straight up and said, "Oh my God. This was it."

    [Ed Dames] Well you remember all the cartoons that we grew up with the bearded robed guy walking around the streets of New York city with a sign, "Repent or the end is near."

    [Art Bell] That's right..sure.

    [Ed Dames] He just walked out of the cartoon into reality..into the real world. Of course many people would call your program not the real world...

    [Art Bell] I know.. That's okay I don't care..

    [Ed Dames] Write it off as millennial madness..

    [Art Bell] Hehehe..I know..I know..I get that all the time.. who cares? So..if that was the precursor, then you're suggesting that sometime in 1999, I'm pressing for a time line here, the kill shot will occur.

    [Ed Dames] Suggesting that that is the kill shot and the kill shot is probably what in Revelation is referred to as one third of the Earth.

    [Art Bell] Alright, next item. We're just gonna cover a lot of bases here. A million people have asked me to ask you about the plant pathogen. I mean here I go winging my way toward Africa, which is where the plant pathogen you suggested will land or has landed. And they would like an update on that. What can you tell us if anything?

    [Ed Dames] We'll go into the background right now, it's associated with this device that enters the Earth's atmosphere. We lost track of the device. We lost chain of custody with this particular cylinder. The next time we pick it up in Technical Remote Viewing is particulate matter disseminated in the atmosphere over the continent of Africa. When we research this particulate matter we find that it is what I would call a fungal accelerator. It's some type of a catalyst. I don't know how broad spectrum it is within fungi..within that class of organism..plants.. but it appears to accelerate the growth of fungi. Many different kinds of fungi. And that's was in the atmosphere over Africa. Now, that notwithstanding, you are already aware, you're going to tour Kruger National Park. You'll probably have some of the last pictures of healthy animals because virtually all the lions in the park are dying of tuberculosis.

    [Art Bell] That I know..

    [Ed Dames] That they have contracted from other animals that have tuberculosis..

    [Art Bell] I know..

    [Ed Dames] The entire continent of Africa..take some pictures of the people too because they are facing zero population growth.

    [Art Bell] That also is in the news.

    [Ed Dames] Yes, it is. But this fungi, the idea, in terms of phytopathology..this is not an ending..it's as if, the Earth were striking back and needed a little assistance from an outside agency. And it came in the form of this booster shot, that kills not mammalian life, but the food that we eat. Because if you look at the world's food crops, they are in trouble right now from fungi..

    [Art Bell] It is true...

    [Ed Dames] From blight..

    [Art Bell] Yeah it is true.. I've been reading the stories. It's just that..I guess people hear this and they to some degree a lot of them Ed, can't handle the information, so they get angry.

    [Ed Dames] Well you should see my hate mail.

    [Art Bell] Hehehe really? Ya get a lot of good hate mail?

    [Ed Dames] We'll sit down one day and we'll see whose stack is higher.

    [Art Bell] Hehehehe..your critics have nick-named you Major Head Games as you I'm sure well aware..

    [Ed Dames] I've got lots of names like that. We can trade those too..

    [Art Bell] Dr. Doom.. but..

    [Ed Dames] Well I was called Dr. Doom at the White House..

    [Art Bell] Hehehe..

    [Ed Dames] In a former life..

    [Art Bell] Yeah...yep a former life...I guess it is like a former life now isn't it?

    [Ed Dames] It was long ago.

    [Art Bell] It's a strange world we live in Ed...

    Mark of the Beast

    [Ed Dames] But Art, you know.. remote viewing, Technical Remote Viewing, was designed to be an intelligence collection tool. That's what we used it for. That's its genesis. That's how it evolved. Right now you can see what we're doing with Amelia Earhart. And I think that the end game has changed for me and for Technical Remote Viewing.

    [Art Bell] In what way?

    [Ed Dames] In the way that I think that the most important thing that we could do now.. for mankind, present day and for the future, is that project that I'm dedicating to Fr. Malachi Martin. And that is to identify the specific nature of the mark of the beast..what is called the mark of the beast in the Bible..as well as what is called the beast. Now that's a long way from looking inside of a nuclear weapons design facility.

    [Art Bell] Yes it is..sure is.. But you know, Stan Deyo who is a Christian was on the other night and Sean David Morton is a prophet. This fellow has had an unreasonable amount of extremely accurate hits. And Stan said in essence, I don't want to get in trouble with Stan here again, but that there would be somebody who would come along and foretell or even announce the identity of the antichrist.

    [Ed Dames] Stan said that?

    [Art Bell] Yeah..yeah..and I think the Bible suggests that will be so. And that person will be some sort of false prophet.. ya know.. I'm no biblical scholar I just listen to people on both sides of all this.. and so if you were to actually name, you would do that.. if you determined who it was.. you would name the antichrist.

    [Ed Dames] Yes. No..no wait now. The antichrist we've already researched. When we target that, in the collective unconscious which is the arena, we call it the matrix..it's our technical term in TRV. That's the arena in which we work. The idea of the antichrist is a field effect and it is found in all mankind. It is found in the hearts of all men. It's a field...K.. The idea of the beast is something else that we have not researched. We have looked at the idea of 666 as an idea. And that we do know and we're confident of, equates to money..physical money. Now some people have said that's the mark of the beast, it is not. 666 equates purely to money. What the mark of the beast is..is something that is...at first we thought it involved xenotransplantation - the growth of animal parts transplanted by surgical methods into human beings..

    [Art Bell] They're doing that now...

    [Ed Dames] Yes I know. That is something perhaps akin to that..because we have done a cursory or modicum amount of work on the mark of the beast but we stopped short. Now we have to be sure. We have to be sure of those two things.

    [Art Bell] Alright. Ed hold on we're at the bottom of the hour. We're going to shortly take calls. If you have a question for Ed Dames, come on ahead. You can tell what kind of night it is. I guess it's a good way to go out on the way to Africa. I'm Art Bell and this is Coast to Coast AM. Stay right where you are. You haven't heard it all yet.

    [Art Bell] The Sixth Seal. And I looked. And when he broke the Sixth Seal there was a great earthquake and the sun became black as sackcloth made of hair and the whole moon became like blood and the stars fell to Earth and the sky was split apart like a scroll and every mountain and island were moved out of its place and the kings of the Earth and every man rich and poor hid themselves in the caves and among the rocks of the Earth.

    Alright we're about to go back to Ed Dames. But there is this. "Art the problem you, Ed, are discussing about the plant pathogen. It's already occurring in Angola with the UNDP.." Whatever that is.. United Nations something or another I'm sure.. "I've worked in Angola since 1990 and I can tell you that this unidentified plant pathogen has become an enormous problem with the agricultural community in the last six months. Haven't heard that one before.. Ed? Did you know about this?

    [Ed Dames] No I have not been following that..the phytopathology world.

    [Art Bell] Well apparently something is going on in Africa, in Angola.

    [Ed Dames] Well, we're being overwhelmed across the board. And I think, as you already know, the quickening is a very apropos term for what's happening.

    [Art Bell] Oh yes..

    [Ed Dames] A lot of things really fast..

    [Art Bell] A lot of things really fast..yes.. Alright I want to begin to take calls I think I have run through, unless there is something you want to get on the air that I didn't manage yet to touch on..I tried to sort of fit all the important stuff in ..the front body of the program here. If there's anything I missed, lay it on us now, because otherwise we'll go to calls.

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