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    [Ed Dames] There isn't anything except at some juncture I thought it might be interesting for you to know about Project Twinkle. In 1952, the green fireballs that have been so prevalent in the last couple of weeks..

    [Art Bell] Ohhh..you know I want to know about that..

    [Ed Dames] I wanted to tell you about the.....

    [Art Bell] Ed, not only all over North America, and by that I mean America and Canada, every place, but now in Australia, New Zealand. I'm getting reports from literally all over the world about these green fireballs. That said, go right ahead.

    [Ed Dames] I faxed you four pages out of the UFO encyclopedia about Project Twinkle which was a very interesting project in 1952 because it was chaired by a Nobel Laureate. And Edward Teller later met on the same board to investigate these green fireballs that were wizzing around New Mexico. Very similar to what is happening now and same descriptions. What's interesting about Project Twinkle is that the phenomenon was recognized as real and one of the conclusions was that these green fireballs appeared to be under intelligent control - which was the conclusion of a board of Nobel Laureates. That is unique in UFO annals. And this appears to be a resurgence of that same phenomenon. My company actually..we picked up this investigation in 1992. It was a proprietary contract. I can't discuss the results of our findings but we found ourselves back again in New Mexico in the Chaco Canyon area monitoring the same phenomenon. In a minor scale.

    [Art Bell] So..the original conclusion was..that whatever these are, they are under intelligent control.

    [Ed Dames] That is one of the conclusions that was derived as a result of Project Twinkle in 1952 and that project was interrupted by the Korean War. But I'll tell you what PSI TECH found without going into the proprietary stuff. This is why we don't do corporate projects anymore. We stopped in 1994 because the corporate projects were very interesting; advanced deep space propulsion systems, those kinds of things. And I can't talk about them because our customers own the work. What I can say about our research in New Mexico on this green fireball phenomenon is this. Those green fireballs are not things. They are actually artifacts of propulsion I'll say..like a contrail or a sonic boom. What you're seeing is not the thing that produced it. You're just seeing this artifact. It is a real vehicle that is transiting time, from one time window to the next. And that green fireball that you see is actually like a contrail or a sonic boom produced when a real vehicle transits your time window..the window of observation..of the..

    [Art Bell] Fascinating.. Well I mean there have been just hundreds and hundreds maybe thousands of reports. And unless meteorites have taken on new characteristics like hovering, then something else is going on here..so.. I'm perfectly willing to accept your explanation it's as logical as any I've heard. Let's do it. First time caller line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames from PSI TECH, Hi.

    [Caller] Hi, this is Thomas.

    [Art Bell] Thomas, where are you?

    [Caller] Colorado.

    [Art Bell] Colorado. Okay.

    [Caller] And I've got a question as far as..dealing with the mark of the beast, your soul, and the great deception that's gonna deceive, if it were possible..even the elect...and what the sacred name has to do with escaping the loss of your soul...

    [Art Bell] Okay..well..umm.. okay well hold on a sec.. Ed in talking the other night with Stan. One thing he made very clear was that we are on the edge of an event that is about to occur, a gigantic event, everybody refers to it. But Stan said it's going to be a great deception.. his words were a great deception. And there are many who read that from the Bible. Anything to say on that score?

    [Ed Dames] Nothing that..I.. No.. I think that we're going to be dealing with so much complexity that people will have to make those decisions for themselves. That's going to be tough of course. And my efforts and my company's efforts are going to be strictly on identifying the details of the mark of the beast and whoever the beast is. And that should be interesting. We just will not have time and the resources to do anything else. But I think that's enough. To me, that is a good goal.

    [Art Bell] What would you do with that information Ed?

    [Ed Dames] I would first announce it on your show.

    [Art Bell] You would be naming an individual.. now you have described the beast really not as an individual..or am I mixed up here...?

    [Ed Dames] In the past what we have targeted was the false prophet but I want..and that may be synonymous in terms of the collective unconscious with what the Bible terms the beast. I don't know yet. We're going to find out. But I think even more importantly is this mark because you know what it means..

    [Art Bell] I know what it means..but you know what... if you were actually going to name an individual... I don't think we could do that..

    [Ed Dames] I don't think we could do it either...

    [Art Bell] I mean someone would get killed.

    [Ed Dames] The mark we could do..the mark we could do. But I'll have to find another venue, my web site for instance.. sure it's going to be difficult getting around the libel issue...

    [Art Bell] Yeah..even there.. Ed..even there.. but on the other hand, if you were really sure of what you were saying.. how could you not tell?

    [Ed Dames] No. Of course. And I aim full well of doing it...

    [Art Bell] Well that's one big responsibility on your shoulders and I wouldn't want that thank you very much. Wild card line you're on the air with Ed Dames, Major Ed Dames, Hi. I can barely hear you.

    [Caller] Hi. Is that better?

    [Art Bell] That's better yes. Where are you?

    [Ed Dames] My name is Violet and I'm calling from Coos Bay, Oregon. And umm.. I have some information that I think you'll find relevant to tonight's topic matter.

    [Art Bell] Just go right ahead..

    [Caller] Okay about a month ago I was listening to a talk show..in the evening. It was not a religious program it was a secular program. And he had a guest on that night by the name of Tim Cohen who has written a book called 'The Antichrist in a cup of tea.' And he comes right out and names him. Have you heard about it?

    [Art Bell] Yes.. you know what I say about it? *spitting sound* Prince Charles give me a break.

    [Caller] Now wait a minute Art, you have to remember that they do claim, the royal family, that they have Jewish lineage and I was watching a Queen Elizabeth biography..

    [Art Bell] Oh if it's Prince Charles I'll eat their China.. I'm not buying that on for a second...the antichrist is Prince Charles...

    [Ed Dames] May I interject something here?

    [Art Bell] Yeah..

    [Ed Dames] The real value of Technical Remote Viewing is that anyone that learns this... and it's all done the same way..it's a standardized procedure. All those who learn this produce the same data against the same search term. So that's one of ways...this is a good cross check and a good control. It won't just be PSI TECH saying who the beast is. It will be anybody that's trained in remote viewing working the same target.. it will be a collection of corroborating data that says this is a description of the beast.

    [Art Bell] I'm sure it will be a chorus of voices..

    [Ed Dames] And it is direct knowledge. There's no red tape, there's no red tape, there's no analysis.. there's no maybe this maybe that. It's a description of your target.

    [Art Bell] If the title had been "The Antichrist in a Turban" or something I might buy it..but a cup of tea.. east of the Rockies you're on the air with Major Ed Dames Hello.

    [Caller] Hello Major Ed Dames.

    [Ed Dames] Hi.

    [Art Bell] Where are you sir?

    [Caller] Umm.. I'm in Jacksonville North Carolina.

    [Art Bell] Okay you're not too clear to hear so..

    [Caller] Okay I'll cut the phone.. yeah uh.. you guys were talking about who the antichrist is.

    [Art Bell] Yes.

    [Caller] Well here's the way I look at it. I'm the antichrist. ----?----- For the simple reason is this... it's not out of hatred.. it's out of love.. because the woman of your dreams, or your wife.. that you love...anything were too happen to her.. because of anything in the 10 Commandments.. say murder.. would you say, "Why God, Why Jesus?" or would you say, "Ante up."

    [Art Bell] Ante up?

    [Caller] Ante up. The ante up word is this, they said Napoleon was the antichrist. Napoleon might have fell in love. And came to her father and said, "I love your daughter." "You can not marry my daughter because you are a lowly private." "Well I'll become ruler of all France.." just to prove his love...

    [Art Bell] Well indeed Ed, you did say when we were talking about the Psi Switch that the best transmitter is love didn't you?

    [Ed Dames] I said one of the highest thresh hold states was the state of love. Humans need love. Can I.. a little anecdotal news that I think is very moving..remember Colonel Bo Gritz?

    [Art Bell] Bo Gritz .

    [Ed Dames] Well yeah Bo Gritz ..

    [Art Bell] He has not passed on he is still with us..

    [Ed Dames] I know and I did not fight along side Bo Gritz but my friends that did will testify to him as being on of the most courageous men that they knew in the Army. But, self inflicted gunshot wound because.. he put a bullet in his body because he faced the prospect of losing the one he loved..

    [Art Bell] That's the story..yes..

    [Ed Dames] Because he was still human. All humans need love. Including the toughest of warriors.

    [Art Bell] Well you'll get no argument from me. West of the Rockies you're on the air with Major Ed Dames.

    [Caller] Hi Art. Hi Ed. This is Sarah from Portland area, from 1190 KX

    [Art Bell]

    [Caller] I was just curious..I have a question about remote viewing. If properly trained could a blind person remote view?

    [Ed Dames] Yes if they are taught stage one by someone who can see. Someone who can see has to hold their hand. Or another blind person who has been taught has to actually hold their hand and produce certain marks on a paper called ideograms. After that.. it's a standardized procedure that they need to be able to produce on paper. After that they are on their own and they can learn the rest without help.

    [Caller] So um, that's not apparently the normal method that which by a sighted person would use to remote view..?

    [Art Bell] No a sighted person would have a distinct advantage of being able to mentally process these shapes..

    [Ed Dames] Well not necessarily..

    [Caller] Not necessarily..

    [Ed Dames] Not necessarily Art. The only advantage that the sighted person has is learning stage one. After that, the trained remote viewer, whether blind or sighted produces the same results. Take it from me.

    [Art Bell] Well I remember Ed.. on one of your tapes.. I think it was a promo piece.. a news team came to your home and your vice president was doing a remote viewing session.

    [Ed Dames] That was in our office, our corporate office.

    [Art Bell] That's correct.. which was amazing and blew away the reporter..I remember all that. But I remember that your vice president was working with shapes...on paper..drawing.. circles.. circulation.. we were talking about a helicopter.

    [Ed Dames] Yes ..rotor..

    [Art Bell] And so those are shapes.. and.. this lady's question I think is relevant..how do you impart the concept of shapes to one who has never seen shapes?

    [Caller] What do you mean by shapes? I mean.. you mean two dimensional shapes..

    [Art Bell] Or even three..but two at least yes..

    [Ed Dames] Art it isn't a problem. Blind people have no problem with that whatsoever.

    [Art Bell] Well I can understand that a blind person.. a person who's never been sighted could take their finger and make a circle and understand the concept of a circle as we can look at a piece of paper and see a circle they could draw..you could take their hand.. and you could make a circle and they would then understand a circle..

    [Caller] For instance there's this thing called raised line drawings that a lot of blind students use to learn math, geometry, such things.

    [Art Bell] Precisely.

    [Caller] And that's exactly how I was taught for instance. I'm blind I was born blind. I've always been able to really visualize things fairly well..architecturally for instance...put together houses and rooms and houses and how they fit together. So I thought that if a blind person could be taught the right techniques they could remote view.

    [Ed Dames] Yeah we've run into exactly this problem before a number of times. And it's only stage one, the initial stage. Which.. our basic module is one training module. It's a video module. But the only part that has to really be taught to blind people is that first stage..of a number of stages.

    [Caller] So they can accurately report like..visual descriptions..of..situations..

    [Ed Dames] That's correct..

    [Caller] Colors and various things that they wouldn't understand..

    [Ed Dames] That's right.

    [Art Bell] There you are..

    [Caller] Wow..alright..thank you alright..

    [Art Bell] The answer is yes. Thank you very much. Ed hold on we're at the top of the hour. My guest is PSI TECH's Major Ed Dames. If you have questions for him that's where we're going to be for the remainder of the time... on the phone with Major Ed Dames.. been quite a night huh? Get the feeling the chain is about to break..hmm?

    [Art Bell] Good Morning. Major Ed Dames is here. And we're going to spend the last hour pretty well buried in the phones if that's alright with you..and I suspect it is.. so..stay right where you are. Don't move. Cuz we're not gonna.

    [Art Bell] Go ahead and give out the phone number for the remote viewing tapes again.

    [Ed Dames] Okay. The 24 hour order line is 1-888-878-0333. And there are live operators Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM Eastern time at 1-888-234-2500.

    [Art Bell] Good enough. Alright here they come again. First time caller line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames and Art Bell hi.

    [Caller] Hello.

    [Art Bell] Hello. Where are you sir?

    [Caller] I'm in Austin, Texas on KJFK.

    [Art Bell] Alright.

    [Caller] I was wondering if Ed happens to know if Father Martin was familiar or used the remote viewing technique.

    [Art Bell] Hehehehe.. ummm.. go ahead and ask.. Ed?

    [Ed Dames] No in fact, the only education he's ever had on remote viewing is on the Art Bell show. Father Martin was concerned a couple of years ago that perhaps remote viewing might be a negative thing mixed in with the occult. And I called Art Bell and asked to go toe to toe with Malachi Martin on this issue.

    [Art Bell] And he agreed.

    [Ed Dames] Yes. So we did that on the Art Bell show.

    [Art Bell] It was a remarkable program.. absolutely remarkable. And I expected a big clash.. and that big clash did not occur.

    [Ed Dames] Essentially what I told Fr. Martin was that.. one does not lose one's spirituality when you remote view. You still have that same quality when you remote view. It doesn't change you in that regard. You aren't giving up anything when you remote view.

    [Art Bell] Right..exactly. Wild card line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames and Art Bell. Good morning.

    [Caller] Mornin.'

    [Art Bell] Hi. Where are you?

    [Caller] This is Gary calling from Sacramento area.. California.

    [Art Bell] Okay Gary.. you know we are on KFBK there now too..

    [Caller] Oh is that right? I did not know that.

    [Art Bell] Surprise surprise.

    [Caller] Alright.. okay yes I have a question for the major.

    [Ed Dames] Shoot.

    [Caller] Okay I consider... in terms of Biblical prophecy there's uh.. you know certain interpretations that are pretty commonly held I'd say by spirit filled believers.. pentecostal charismatics.. first seal represents false covenant entered into between the beast and Israel. Giving a false sense of security. Second Seal being the wars engulf the Earth.. I mean this time we're well into the great tribulation. Third Seal, there's a famine resulting from these wars. Fourth Seal are the deaths resulting from these wars and famine. Fifth Seal uh.. the martyrdom of the saints..the persecution of the saints.. and we get to the Sixth Seal yes you're right.. cataclysmic events.. disrupting all human institutions..government....there's a parallel verse in um..

    [Art Bell] I take it caller you're question is.. what about the first five seals?

    [Caller] Right. How do we jump over the first five seals. We have to be well into the great tribulation to be up to the opening of the Sixth Seal..

    [Art Bell] Alright .. Ed?

    [Caller] It appears we have not entered..

    [Art Bell] Hold on..hold on a moment..listen to your answer.. Ed?

    [Ed Dames] The way that I understand that..is that..and keep in mind that I'm matching the raw remote viewing data to Biblical scripture and the match is so close that...again if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck and quacks like a duck - it's a duck. All of the seals are open and they're all in the same arena. For instance, the idea of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. That it isn't just that one comes and goes and then the next horseman comes and goes.. they each enter this world arena at separate times and operate independent of each other. And so the seals as they're broken, allegorically, metaphorically speaking. They're broken and they each begin to operate and one does not complete its events prior to the next one starting...

    [Art Bell] Alright..so it's not a precisely sequential thing.

    [Ed Dames] There's an overlap. That's correct.

    [Art Bell] Alright, that's your answer caller. East of the Rockies you're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hello.

    [Caller] Hello.

    [Art Bell] Hello.

    [Caller] Hi.

    [Art Bell] Hi.

    [Caller] I'm Barbara from Dallas..

    [Art Bell] Hi Barbara.

    [Caller] Hi Art, Hi Ed..

    [Ed Dames] Hi.

    [Caller] Umm..I just want to tell you I'm a Roman Catholic and I don't know if you've ever heard of ____?_____... the apparition ____?_____

    [Ed Dames] I have. Yes.

    [Caller] You have?

    [Ed Dames] Yes.

    [Caller] Well because..the third secret weapon revealed by the Vatican by the Pope. Uh.. our Blessed Mother appeared between 1961 and 1965 at Garabandal, Spain...telling about the chastisement. And uh.. there were four uh..young people.. four young girls. And the warning, umm I don't know if it was Stan or whoever..uh..talking about Heaven coming to Earth. I think that's what Fr. Malachi Martin said something about - there will be a sign in the sky.

    [Art Bell] Yes.

    [Caller] Well the warning will be very fearful... she said it's 1,000 times worse than earthquakes. It will be like fire. It will not burn our flesh but we will feel it bodily and interiorly. It is a saint from Heaven and people in every part of the world will suffer from it. None of us will escape this. And it's going to be where we will see if an enlightenment..from God..where we will see our souls as God sees them.. and that will be the time for the good to become..prepare themselves... and uh.. for the evil..or those that are in sin to mend their lives. The warning will come before the chastisement.. er..from what I understand..the warning..then the exile of the Pope... and then..everything will break loose then. But I understand, that the antichrist will only reign for about three and a half years. Which ..tells you that in Revelation.. I think it's something between 1100 to 1200 days which coincides with uh.. three and a half hours.. that our Lord hung on the cross..

    [Art Bell] Alright..does this culminate in a question? Or are you just..sort of..

    [Caller] Well, I was just gonna.. I will send this to both of you... umm..

    [Art Bell] Okay you're on cellular and you're breaking up..

    [Caller] Okay.. I wanted to ask one more thing about the... have you ever heard about the mark of the beast being a chip?

    [Art Bell] Uh..oh yes..everybody's heard about that thank you. Oh yes..that the mark of the beast will be a chip implanted into us..against our will.. or that we will..

    [Ed Dames] Now keep in mind Art that no one really knows.. there's no one out there that really knows specifically what it is. And that is why Technical Remote Viewing is so important because it's specific. And it was designed to be an intelligence gathering tool to be used against technologies, and that is either biological or physical technologies. And I'm sure we can do this. We'll get started as soon as we can and I'll keep you posted.

    [Art Bell] Boy that'll be some result..

    [Ed Dames] It will be very interesting.

    [Art Bell] Indeed. West of the Rockies you're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hi. Hello?

    [Caller] Yes this is Kay.

    [Art Bell] Kay hello you're going to have to yell at us I can barely hear you. Where are you Kay?

    [Caller] In Scottsdale, Arizona.

    [Art Bell] Okay.

    [Caller] Is that better?

    [Art Bell] That's better.

    [Caller] Right. Okay my question is..I'd like to know how you prepare.. for..specifically the kill shot.. what does he suggest for that?

    [Ed Dames] That's a very good question actually. How does one prepare for something called the kill shot Ed?

    [Ed Dames] From our research, it appears that the direct effect.. I'm not sure if anyone can prepare one's self for that. But the consequences there of.. it looks like you need to be underground and have a good supply of water and some food. Other than that, there's nothing that I can suggest.. I know what..that's what I'm doing. I'm going to try to be near my hole in much of the Spring of '99 as possible and near fresh water and that's about it.

    [Caller] How long will you stay there?

    [Ed Dames] I have no idea.

    [Caller] No idea. You have a way of calculating it though? To where you know it's safe?

    [Ed Dames] Just I think what we're dealing with is heat. The effects of heat. Getting away from heat and high winds. That'll be pretty easy to do. Get close to the opening of a hole or to the top of the ground level and you'll be able to judge the wind speed and heat pretty easily.

    [Caller] And you can come out from time to time but basically you will live in there..in the hole..

    [Ed Dames] I think the effects will not last more than two weeks.. I mean the immediate effects. Once one comes back out, I don't know what we are coming back out to. But that's what we've got so far.

    [Caller] Can I ask you one more question?

    [Art Bell] Sure.

    [Caller] The fungus that you have..that you were talking about, is this the same thing that they are finding in the vineyards in California?

    [Ed Dames] All that we know is that this particulate that was disseminated in the atmosphere over Africa and that appears to be spreading is an accelerator for a number of fungi..for different blights...I don't know how many different species of blights..but that's what it does...it's a catalyst. It makes them grow faster.

    [Caller] Thank you.

    [Art Bell] Alright.

    [Caller] Thank you very much.

    [Art Bell] Thank you for the call and take care. First time caller line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hi.

    [Caller] Hello Art.

    [Art Bell] Hello, where are you?

    [Caller] I'm in Phoenix, FYI Talk Radio...

    [Art Bell] Of course..of course..

    [Caller] If I could encourage our callers tonight.... not to turn this into a religious debate...

    [Art Bell] It's not a debate..it's just what it is.

    [Caller] Yeah and Ed's told us what he's seen. And Ed..do you remember your last appearance. You talked about your star gate tachyon station I believe you called it..a little bit..

    [Ed Dames] Project Starman.

    [Caller] Starman, excuse me. You haven't -----?----- any tonight on it..and very little last time. Are you gonna..anybody in your team gonna try to beam up. Have you got it operational?

    [Ed Dames] We've got the site.. the site is not operational. The operation depends on other people, not here. The site is identified and we haven't initiated anything yet. Only because we've been busy with other things, like Amelia Earhart and real world projects. Project Starman is mine, it belongs to me. It's not of interest to PSI TECH. It's not in the best interest of my corporation. It's something that I have funded personally. And it is of personal interest to me. I talk about it because I think it is interesting. But it doesn't involve PSI TECH corporately.

    [Caller] Where does it..do you have any idea where it takes you?

    [Ed Dames] No.

    [Caller] Or where it goes?

    [Ed Dames] No... we're not..

    [Caller] I think you said you were in contact with..them..

    [Ed Dames] Yes. That's correct.

    [Caller] Exterior group..

    [Ed Dames] Yes. That's correct too.

    [Caller] Are they offering any help with any Sun problems?

    [Ed Dames] Nope. In fact there's every reason to believe that man kind will not have constant contact with that group until after about 2 billion people on this planet are dead.

    [Art Bell] Okay wild card line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hi.

    [Caller] Good morning.

    [Art Bell] Good morning.

    [Caller] This is Steve from Decatur, Illinois.

    [Art Bell] Hi Steve.

    [Caller] WSOY. Umm..one of your trucking friends. I just came in from Chicago.. been listening to you all night..

    [Art Bell] Alright.

    [Caller] I had a couple of questions here. One is the..what you say..is to be coming according to the Bible. And I'm not a real Christian person I'm not real up on it. But you're talking about the winds..and so forth...are we to take this literally?

    [Ed Dames] Yes.

    [Art Bell] I believe so..yes.

    [Ed Dames] Yeah.

    [Caller] And the other is.. have you ever tried to remote view the Ark of the Covenant?

    [Ed Dames] Yes.

    [Caller] And what did you find?

    [Ed Dames] In fact I used that.. I was the training officer for this country's psychic intelligence unit. And I used that as an advanced under the rubric of advanced training exercise. I could get away with that as the training officer. And we know that it's real. It's not just a legend or myth or apocryphal. And I am not going to say what city it is in. Because it is in a city in the Mid East. I don't feel that I have that right..

    [Caller] Is it under human control now or is it somewhere buried?

    [Ed Dames] No it's under human control. In fact, it's been protected for hundreds of hundreds of hundreds of years by families who are. and secretly.. who recruit from one generation to the next and make sure that this is taken care of.

    [Caller] Fascinating. Thank you very much.

    [Art Bell] Watchers in effect.

    [Ed Dames] Guardians.

    [Art Bell] Guardians. A better word..guardians..alright..

    [Ed Dames] Actually at one time.. for a certain period.. it was actually guarded by a very interesting class of being - what would be termed a warrior angel. Extremely interesting... if you sketch them as a remote viewer..they look like gargoyles. The visage looks like gargoyles and they're reddish in nature. Very interesting.

    [Art Bell] That must be a very uh..what's the right word for it.. to sketch something like that must be disconcerting..

    [Ed Dames] It was at the time..yeah.. In fact it was way back. We did that way back in the days of the..prior to the discovery of Coordinate Remote Viewing right in that time period when the unit was transiting from the time Joe Mcmoneagle and others like him were there over to the point where we used remote viewing. It was those viewers that actually sketched these entities that were standing guard over the ark...

    [Art Bell] That's remarkable....alright stay right there. We'll be right back. Good morning. I'm Art Bell. This is Coast to Coast AM.

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