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  • Ed Dames on Oct 1, 1998 (6/6)


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    Green Fireballs

    [Art Bell] First time caller line. You're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hi.

    [Caller] How ya doing sir?

    [Art Bell] Well under the circumstances I'm holding up how 'bout you?

    [Caller] Well I'm fine.. first of all I'd like to say.. I appreciate you taking my call..

    [Art Bell] Sure.

    [Caller] Uh..I got two questions for the major..

    [Art Bell] Alright..

    [Caller] I'm Jay from __?___, here in Hawaii.. uh..first question to you sir is uh.. I understand you are saying something about the signs to look for..for a...possible satan..or related items like that.. I want to know a.. do you have any ideas..on how this so called new world order sort of comes to play into this..

    [Art Bell] Ah hah..

    [Ed Dames] From..actually as a result of remote viewing this third part, Fatima revelation. As a result of that, from now on I'm just going to follow..put my finger on Revelations..and follow on down the list. That's the kind of credibility that Biblical prophecy has for me now. The milestones..when it happens. That's how Technical Remote Viewing can come in and look at the details that are harbingers..that describe the harbingers of each one of those things. And right now what we're saying is that we're just about ready for what in Revelations is termed the Sixth Seal. There's all kinds of sources of information and the exegeses of the Revelations is just about the same across the Christian community. So just follow on down and you'll know what's coming next. Where we are, going navigationally is just before that Sixth Seal.

    [Art Bell] Ya know it's funny.. I never somehow imagined that this remote viewing road would lead up with Revelations. But perhaps I should have seen it because it really would have been inevitable. Wild card line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames.

    [Caller] Hi Art.

    [Art Bell] Hello. Where are you?

    [Caller] Kansas City, KCMO 710.

    [Art Bell] Of course..with attitude.

    [Caller] Good show. I've got a question for Major Dames. Major Dames, what do you think the impact of the loss of the planet Earth..if it were to disappear or vaporize would be to the rest of space that we know...or that is unknown.

    [Ed Dames] I have no idea.

    [Caller] Do you think it would be significant?

    [Art Bell] Maybe not at all. Or maybe tremendously. His answer was honest he has no idea. It is kind of an interesting philosophical question whether our presence or lack of it would make one tiny bit of difference to the cosmos. Me, I'm more concerned with 24 hours in an airplane and no cigarettes.

    [Ed Dames] *laughs*

    [Art Bell] Somebody just wrote to me, "Art, if you're anything like myself, you don't have to worry about getting attacked by a tiger or anything else. Being a smoker, myself, I know... that if after 24 hours without a cigarette, anything trying to attack me...well it better pack a pretty big punch." And he's got a good point. East of the Rockies you're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hi.

    [Caller] Hi Art. How ya doing..three quick questions..and hi Ed..never met you before. I just want to make a comment Art..before I ask my question...

    [Art Bell] Sure, where are you by the way?

    [Caller] In the cold city of Boston..

    [Art Bell] Okay..Boston..

    [Caller] Tell the ____ you're right..he better to listen to other talk shows. They ask questions and if they don't like you they cut you off...and..

    [Art Bell] I know..

    [Caller] Hi Ed. Joe.

    [Ed Dames] Hi Joe.

    [Caller] I'm a blind person and I've been trying to reach you because I'm not as lucky as some of the other people like the first blind girl - before I remote view...uh when this happens.. I wanted to talk with you privately off the air... how I can find some people ... that..you could be of some help to me and getting a better living situation I have no family..and are you still going to go to that lava tube...I've mentioned this stuff up here and everybody just laughs at me and they tell you're crazy and you're irresponsible and my third question can I stay on the line to hear..because my radio is off...

    [Art Bell] First of all Joe..relax..let's take your first question..

    [Caller] I'm a little nervous..

    [Art Bell] Alright..well be un-nervous and take a deep breath and listen.

    [Caller] I apologize.

    [Art Bell] Uh..thank you. Ed, he's in a tough situation and not sighted and doesn't have family and he's asking about that...I don't know if that fits into your realm of ... ability to answer.. is that correct Ed?

    [Ed Dames] I'm not exactly sure... there's a complex of questions here.. One is..in terms of teaching remote viewing, blind people must have someone to show them how to do stage one. They have to hold the hand. And help them reproduce what we call ideograms. All this... for sighted people..if you go to our web site ( http://www.trv-psitech.com ) and see all of our work. Cross sections of all of our media work, all of our class room work, including the video that you were talking about that our Vice President Joni Dourif did for..

    [Art Bell] So you would need a sighted friend to help you with that caller..

    [Caller] Yes..

    [Art Bell] What was your second question?

    [Caller] My second question is...is there any way Ed to talk with you privately and you could remote view and know some good people that could get in contact with me because when this happens I don't want to be stuck up here..like this..this is horrible..

    [Ed Dames] No. Practically there is not. I get thousands of questions like that all the time and all I can do is my best and I'm doing it.

    [Art Bell] Sorry..so third question..

    [Caller] Okay are you going to come up to Boston and lecture I heard you're on lectures..and are you going to the lava tube?

    [Ed Dames] I am not on the lecture circuit..

    [Art Bell] You are not..

    [Ed Dames] I am not on lecture circuit. I spend all my time working.. and I'm already in the lava tube so to speak..in fact I just got back from the lava tube two days ago. Most of my time is now spent in Polynesia and in Hawaii. So I did that for my family.. using Technical Remote Viewing. That could be laughable to your friends, and that's fine. But I used what I knew worked..and I used it to find the place.. a sanctuary if you will.. for myself and my loved ones. And now I'm in the position to take care of other people.

    [Art Bell] And people can do that for themselves..can't they?

    [Ed Dames] That's correct.

    [Art Bell] Alright. West of the Rockies you're on the air with Major Ed Dames..Hi.

    [Caller] Good morning Art. Good morning Ed. This is Harry in Phoenix on KFYI.

    [Art Bell] Hi Harry.

    [Caller] Yeah Ed..question about Amelia Earhart. Could you explain how you were able to so specifically and definitely identify Amelia Earhart as the occupant of the aircraft that you found in the Gilbert Islands?

    [Ed Dames] We went for the.. well you have to understand what Technical Remote Viewing is. It's.. think of a library, where you go into the collective unconscious and everything that exists..every idea..every thing that exists..is a book in that library. If you know how to search the library correctly you're gonna pull out the book that you want. All patterns of information are present in the collective unconscious. Just like this big library. We call it the Matrix. So there's not doubt in our minds, especially based upon empirical experience, that when we target that specific person and that specific event, that the results are connected with that book in the library.

    [Caller] Does this book have pictures in it? I'm not being facetious but..

    [Ed Dames] No. I'm using an allegory..

    [Caller] Yeah..

    [Ed Dames] You know, why don't you write the company and let us send you a brochure. That would make it much clearer than me educating you from start to finish on what Technical Remote Viewing is.

    [Caller] Okay specifically about Earhart.. do you know whether it was daylight or darkness when she crash landed there in Gilbert?

    [Ed Dames] That's a good question..no we did not check into that. We have to be specific when we're doing this and that was one thing.. I don't know to tell you the truth. That's a good question though.

    [Caller] Are you..

    [Ed Dames] It wasn't important to our project.

    [Caller] Well I think it might be because of the fact that her time line would have put her over the Gilberts during darkness. And she is known to have arrived in the vicinity of Howland about an hour and a half after daylight.

    [Ed Dames] She didn't get to Howland.

    [Caller] Huh..

    [Ed Dames] She never made it to Howland.

    [Caller] As a matter of fact the Coast Guard ship Atoska which was standing off of Howland on July 2 to guide her into her landing received transmission from her beginning about an hour and a half after daylight, which became progressively stronger as she headed eastward. They estimated that her last transmission was made within fifty miles of that ship..

    [Ed Dames] You know.. there is a tremendous amount of information about this. There's all kind of controversy surrounding it. But what I'm saying as the President of PSI TECH Incorporated and we stand by this with 100% confidence that she crashed just off the coast of the island of Kuria in the Gilberts. And that's where her wreckage is and that's where her remains are if they're still there.

    [Art Bell] And in three months we'll settle that argument.

    [Caller] Okay that sounds good but I'm curious because that would have put her with about four hours fuel left by the time she crash landed there.

    [Ed Dames] No. Actually there's some zig-zagging back and forth. I think that they were caught in bad weather and I think that they were off...they were obviously off course. In fact if you look at the planned course from Lae... Papua, New Guinea.. to Howland Island. Where we're putting the wreckage, is about oh I'd say 150 nautical miles north of that course.

    [Caller] See I make it about 60 nautical miles. She wasn't that far off her direct course actually.

    [Ed Dames] Well where a previous search, unsuccessful searches have been have been about 350 nautical miles south of Howland.

    [Caller] Oh yeah that was down in the Phoenix islands.. she wouldn't have ever had the fuel to make it there.

    [Ed Dames] Yeah.. but anyway we aren't engaged in speculation in my business. Remote Viewing is direct knowledge. There's no analysis, there's no red tape. You know..we go right for the jugular. We did that on all our showpiece projects. TWA 800, cause of the crash - those kinds of things..

    [Art Bell] So in three months we'll know anyway caller..

    [Caller] Well that's...and since it's in shallow water you should be able to get the serial numbers off that engine and determine beyond the shadow of a doubt that it was her aircraft.

    [Ed Dames] We're going to go in first with cameras, and we're not going to touch anything. We'll go in first with cameras and then we're going to turn that over to aviation historians and talk to the director of the Smithsonian. We've got some ____ to the Smithsonian and we'll go from there.

    [Caller] Well great..look forward to hearing the results..

    [Art Bell] Alright thank you very much. First time caller line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hi.

    [Caller] Yeah good evening Major. I was just at your web site and typing, talking with your wife and the rest of the people actually I've been there for about three hours.. this is Tim calling.

    [Ed Dames] Uh huh..

    [Caller] But uh..one thing that was interesting.. this Gilbert Island thing is just.. it's fascinating..and it would be interesting to see how that goes.. you need some extra divers along..qualified.. but anyways.. global economic collapse. I've been watching this. I'm sure everybody else has too...with the markets..the upturn...the first time you've said this..this is really interesting..where are we at now? Like how close are we to an actual collapse or is it a total collapse or is it just like a major correction?

    [Ed Dames] No. It's a total collapse. It is not a market correction it is a global economic collapse. That began in the Summer..it's happening now. We in the United States have been protected by all these firewalls. The rest of the world doesn't have that protection. We have a strong economy we even have a surplus but that's coming down really quick. Watch the credit and watch the jobs in the country evaporate virtually overnight.

    [Caller] Okay.. and that's the final word on that...and the time frame..the actual time frame.. we're into it obviously right now..you can see world wide what's going on..

    [Ed Dames] Yes..

    [Caller] But does it carry on to '99 and new years or does the big event.. this Spring...this one..the Coronal Massive Discharge... or whatever's going to happen.. Do we actually get to the collapse or does that precede the actual..melting down of..

    [Ed Dames] Let me put it this way, many people have asked PSI TECH about Y2K, about the year 2000 event and our response is it's made moot by events in 1999 - that we never get to Y2K.

    [Caller] Oh Wow.. right.... I'm going to jump back to the chat room and it's been nice talking to you in real life...

    [Ed Dames] I will probably jump in too.....

    [Caller] ....I've got your tapes, I've got all your modules.. and I'm just getting into it..and it's just absolutely fascinating.

    [Ed Dames] Well you need to be in the TRV classroom because that's where I teach on the internet..in the classroom. You'll learn advanced skills there.

    [Art Bell] Alright caller?

    [Caller] Okay thank you very much sirs..

    [Art Bell] Thank you..take care.. wild card line you're on the air with Major Ed Dames. Hi.

    [Caller] Good evening Mr. Dames. Good evening Art.

    [Art Bell] Hi.

    [Caller] I have two questions basically. One question is for the Major. In your remote viewing.. obviously we live on a round planet.. is there any one side of it that's going to be impacted the most..from this event..that you've been able to see?

    [Art Bell] That's a very good question actually...

    [Ed Dames] No. We haven't been able to ascertain that. An interesting thing happens when we remote view what we term as a sanctuary, a sanctuary from this particular event. We end up in certain areas of the world. And those areas are spread out. For instance I've mentioned on this show before that a sanctuary is on the western edge of Glacier National Park..and upward into Canada. But the place that other people get is in Polynesia. That's two separate sites of the Earth.

    [Caller] Right..

    [Ed Dames] It's being worked out in the collective unconscious some way. This unitary mind is a very powerful thing. And it can sort and sift a lot of details and end up with a direct answer..just like a computer does. Very..very interesting parallels to computers. And I go with the answer without trying to crunch through all the details. Think of a computer's problem trying to predict the weather. It's still going to be a while before we can link together..you know with all the Cray 5's and banks of supercomputers that Los Alamos National Lab has. They still can't predict the weather accurately. But if you use Technical Remote Viewing, this grand mind.. this universal mind crunches all those problems for you and spits out the right answer. If you have the skill..because Technical Remote Viewing is a skill..to download the answers.

    [Caller] Art. Thank you Mr. Dames. Art...

    [Art Bell] Yes..

    [Caller] This is Mike in San Francisco..and my second question was for you..

    [Art Bell] Yes Mike.

    [Caller] Who's the guy who does your intros..with the really deep voice?

    [Art Bell] He is Ross Mitchell who does the morning program on KOH in Reno, Nevada.

    [Caller] Have you ever had him as a guest?

    [Art Bell] As a matter of fact no..but it's a grand idea..

    [Caller] Yeah he would make a great guest because I mean he's obviously followed your show for numerous years now..

    [Art Bell] Well if Charleton Heston ever leaves us.. I figure Ross is the next voice of God..

    [Caller] Hahaha..definitely...haha..alright..thanks Art.

    [Art Bell] Alright thank you. And I always sort of wondered about the advisability of always having my own voice follow Ross's. It's an old thing in show business about never never never following a dog or a child act. And not that he's either one of those but he's just got a voice that you shouldn't follow. But..what the hell.. Ed.. we are.. out of time. Way out of time.

    [Ed Dames] In fact, you are probably closer to the truth than you think.

    [Art Bell] Hehehe..I know..umm. we will I trust..I hope..have enough time to do another program. After all there's a lot of things hanging..there always are. So if they give us enough time Ed, we'll do another one.

    [Ed Dames] Enjoy your trip to Africa Art.

    [Art Bell] Thanks Ed. You take care my friend.

    [Ed Dames] Okay thanks for having me on.

    [Art Bell] Good night.

    [Ed Dames] Good night.

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